April 23, 2015

Product review: Beauty Oat Collagen

Assalamualaikum, hi babes!

This week, in shaa ALLAH after this entry, there will be lotsaaa upcoming stories related with my #aimiturn23 birthday celebrations/gifts I got from my friends, my love and especially my family. I can't wait to blog about it, but I need to publish this long,longgg, wayyy too old entry. I'm really sorry because I couldn't keep up my promise with the management since I'm also consuming BVRC Collagen when I'm taking this beauty supplement as well. So yeah, IDK whether the whole result of consuming  this product basically because of it or it combined with BVRC Collagen effects LOLOLOL

I'm actually quite thrill to experience this one product called; Beauty Oat Collagen!

I personally love their packaging because it is so girly and it arrives to me with good condition. Thank you for choosing me and my humble blog to taste this product and experience 18 days with Beauty Oat Collagen 

With famous ingredients such as Pomegranate extract that is good for anti-ageing, Marine Collagen for beauty purpose and Sakura Extract Powder (my fav because I just love consuming product that involve with this flower ) If you guys can't handle with nestum or dairy fatty unhealthy drinks, why don't switch it with Beauty Oat Collagen? I bet everyone gonna love this since it acts as energy and healthy drinks for people who always skip their breakfast during morning and also replacement for dinners. Do I mention that this product can help maintain weight loss and Yes, it really help my digestion system. DAMN TOO GOOD!

Here some directions how to drink a glass full of beauty!

1.Pour into a glass
2. Pour 150-180 ml warm water (sometimes I mixed cool water, then hot)
3. Stir well

After that, you guys can go get ready to work and put smile on face to start a great day. 

Personal review:

1. I love the taste of oat + collagen. Sounds disgusting? think again, dolls! This product can smash your weird imagination regarding combination of this marvelous beauty supplements because it is great and on top of that, the taste of oat is very light and not too creamy like any other oat I tried before. So, yeay to this 

2. I didn't consume consistently because I strictly attached with my current BVRC Collagen, that is why I skipped like few times but my suggestion, it is better to drink during morning because it can flushed all the toxins inside body and you feel lighter after that. I done this before and I love it!

3. The price for me is quite reasonable and people can earn it within no times. It is only RM89.90 for 18 sachets. 

According to the product descriptions:

"BeautyOat is the First and only Collagen in Malaysia that contains Oats, Marine Collagen, Sakura extract and Pomegranate extract, which has been proven to prevent early aging, minimize free-radical damage to body and soothe skin inflammation
BeautyOat is a good source of nutrients from the finest & natural ingredients, not just only keeps your body healthy, but also keeps your skin glowing and clear.

A cup of BeautyOat is the perfect way to start off your day and to winddown before your bedtime. It restores youthful vitality to skin and health, not only on your face but your whole body.

Made from 100% natural ingredients and halal certified.

Drink to Healthier, Youthful Skin."

Thumbs up for producing this amazing product. Question for Re-purchasing again? still in middle of consideration LOLOLOL 

So far, I'm loving this product. I'm giving 3.5/5

Yeap, this is le selfie of myself consuming Beauty Oat Collagen and also BVRC Collagen. I'm thankful for both of these babies because it manages to cure my redness,acne,problem skin that I used to have. Right now, I didn't say I have a flawless skin since I still have some scars left behind, but these babies happens to minimize those impurities. Thank you 

P/S: Sorry for the late and long respond regarding with this product. I really hope I do well here T.T

Lots of love,
Miss A :)