April 5, 2015

Nuts about coconuts!

Assalamualaikum and hey lovely dolls!

I know, it's April already yet I still didn't upload anything good stuff in my blog. Oh my, sorry for the delay though. As a university student, this month is consider as hectic month due to enormous assignments, presentation, forum (okay, one of the subject I take this sem kena buat forum menda entah -.-) and midterm! I got two midterms this week and yeah, I couldn't wait to meet my my guy this 10 April *love struck attack ♥ !!!!*

Yeah, I didn't passed my JPJ test last week, though LOLOLOLOLOLOL I keep laughing when it comes to talk about JPJ idk why. It feel sucks because I have to re-test again next month and did I mention my L license going to expired this June? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL *let's hold hand and smile and crying at the same time, together* 

I just love my pathetic life. Sigh.

This is a pending post and I grab this chance to upload it. Have you guys eat this baby already? Oh pleasee don't tell me you're still not!

Sangkaya coconut Ice-cream! My girl zaza, asked me the other day that she craved so much about this yummy ice-cream and I gotta admit. At first I never heard about Sangkaya before until my sis moks mentioned it that this coconut ice-cream are famous among our artists and located at Jalan Alor, Bukit Bintang. But fret not, my darling! Now you can get it at their cute branches and one of the place is at Ampang Point. So, yeay 

The cafe only provided four types of menu and their famous coconut ice-cream is definitely the signature worth RM9.90. Even their staff also recommended that one to us. I go there and eat with Anis and Zuhairah instead of Zaza. Sorry babe! Erk ._.

After Anis and me ordered the signature dish, we head to toppings section that provide red beans, corns, nuts, bread crumbs, cornflakes etc whatever and you can mixed like you wish to. Sangkaya signature ice-cream can have 3-4 limits for toppings, so taraa!

Time to decorate, baby!

Thanks zu for the pic. Yeah, I think I add too much for the topping until the shell couldn't keep up with the weight of the ice-cream + toppings LOLOLOL

Burrp! Al-Hamdulillah  Sangkaya coconut ice-cream also served with coconut fillings to enhance the flavors of the ice-cream. brilliant, isn't it? 

If you guys want to try, go to their nearest cafe to taste some! I swear, it's going to be your rm9.90 full with smile.

P/S: I'm dying to try vase ice-cream *ais-krim pasu* anyone, please tell me the direction to go there T.T

Lots of love,
Miss A :)