July 16, 2015

Raya 2015 Prep

Assalamualaikum and hi loveliessss!!!!! *Okay, ter'over' disitu*

It's like, a month or like two months I didn't update my humble bloggie due to unexpected situation where the screen of my lappy shatter and leave scratches all over the place. I feel so like dayyuumm why broke at the particular time where all interesting things happen during those period T.T Quick update about me, here goes:

1) I did my internship at this one private company in Plaza Mont Kiara for three weeks. Why I said I did? I will tell that in next entry. IDK whether when I will establish that story since #Aimiturn23 is still not finish. FML

2) I lose some weight. I think lah during Ramadhan month and also I do some exercise. But I'm too scared to see the number appear on scale because I know I will never lose soo much like I expected to. LOL double FML

3) I got my license, FINALLYYYYYYYYYYY but I'm still driving manual car since my mum and my bro discouraged me to drive auto car. Foine -.-

   Now, I can't wait to have Raya mood since Ramadhan is almost over and fireworks can be heard everywhere around my neighborhood. Like usual,My family and I will celebrate our first raya in KL and spend a week in Kedah. Yup, this year we will celebrate at my mother's hometown. Laksa Kedah, wait for me please :3

    So, I'm also preparing something for raya this year. It is consider as Raya 2015 preparation from head to toe. Excited to know, babydoll? scroll down for details then!

In shaa ALLAH, this year I will wear beautiful yet elegant abaya from Imaan Boutique and also floral garment from Rizman Ruzaini's collection. It's freaking cool and I can't wait to wear them tomorrow. Yeay! 

I will make sure that first day of Raya, My face will look fresh, clean and pinkish. Thanks to magnificent rice masks and scrub from Borneo Wellness for keeping it up. Their product are famous with natural ingredients and that's amaze me. Totally dream come true, really 

I do something weird this year. Henna on board! But, I only did one hand, though since I'm not really anticipate with the result. The lady who drawn this pattern on my hand are very clumsy and I had to buy backup to cover the mess. Big LOL before raya, but I still love it T.T

23 just a number for me for not acting silly in front of camera. Hi 

Lastly, selamat hari raya to everyone and maaf zahir batin. I wish this upcoming raya will bring lotssaa happiness and drive safe. 

Till then,

Miss A :)