August 22, 2015

Fresh start

Assalamualaikum, hiyyahh people!

Finally. Breaking free from any bullshitz, any speculation, any betrayal, any stupid assumptions, any stupid feelings that I'm not supposed to develop at first place. In shaa ALLAH, Allah knows best and I'm just hoping that everything work well between us. You go in your path, and I'm in my way. 

Is not necessary to promise everything if you're not on board and couldn't make those promises came true. Jangan berjanji, jangan pandai cakap tapi last-last you cheated on me. Don't judge me like I'm the whore here. You know nothing about me, my past and my feelings. You just don't.

Thank you abang Aidil for your advice. Aimi akan ingat sampai bila-bila. In shaa ALLAH, one day. One fine day :)

Dear you,

I gotta say now that I'm also naturally feels that you're not even worth it to get know, blend and meet at first place. With you, a lots of drama happened and at the end, you think you're the victim. Urgh, please -.- 

After we're done, I heard a lot about you but idgaf about it because we're over. ada hikmah disebalik semua benda ni terjadi. I'm free for the first time. ever :) Thank you!

Now, I can focus with my study as final year student and thinking of studying abroad. In shaa ALLAH. Dear someone, wait for me. I'm coming to you as fast as I can after I reached everything in my life. LOL

May ALLAH bless everything.

Live as single lady sure give you chills because almost everyone want to flirt with you. Oh god, I hope I'm strong to handle all these bullshitz from guys out there T.T

Lots of love,
Miss A :)