February 20, 2016

V/P (Volunteer/Panda) day!

Assalamualaikum, hello lovely people!

Basically, I had major fun yesterday, like totally laugh out loud/ LOL day because I never thought that one of my wishlist coming true. On top of it, I got to see it, like FOC! Wondering what I'm mumble about?

Yup, I went to Zoo Negara with my fellow UIA mates and we are delightful to be part of Zoo Negara's volunteer team helping out cute animals. We went there approximately at 8.15 in morning and according to the rules, the volunteer who is late, it's not gonna entertain by management. But surprisingly, the people who work yesterday are very kind and voila! we are able to participate. 

Two of my member, Diba and Hana(Black and Cream Hijabs) are in charge for Reptiles, feeding for cold-blooded animal. Zuhairah and Ekin are taking over customer service and entry, and trust me from the complain I heard from them, working in front of Zoo's entrance is soooo boring -.- But luckily, I'm not because my place is more conducive and very leisure. Full with AC too!

Oh yeahhh, I love my work yesterday. Like for the first time ever, I be able to watch over Pandas in front of me and their territory too!How freaking cool is that  Oh, when you in charge for Pandas, the place need to be quiet and serene, so it will not interrupt Pandas concentration during eating, playing and taking nap. Yes, Panda is so damn lazy but also known as the cutest animal ever. Especially the baby. So cute >w<

Okay people. Meet this first ever Panda's couple which are Fu Wa(Lucky Doll) and Feng Yi (beautiful Phoenix) and also their cub, later. 

Some of their territory, to make the ambiance more like real forest. The place also full with Air cond to make sure the temperature is adaptable for these babies to survive. Oh cut it out, Let's see the real Panda!

Panda time!

Introducing, Fu Wa the lovely, yet very lazy father to their cub and not-so-devoted hubby to Feng Yi since their cages/place are divided into two section because the male Panda can act aggressive and fight with his partner just for food. Man, talk about major cheap skate!

Okay, next one is the most cute one! Introducing Feng Yi and her baby 

From what I heard about the baby panda behavior, She (yes, the baby is female) is very active and always bully her mother. How she does that? She always try to do something new like climbing the tree, swinging the floating tyre, crossing the bridge, biting cutely to her mother ear, and playing with water. How she's not adorable like that??? And yeah, btw she's six month old and will stay in Malaysia for 2 years. And then, she will transfer back to her origin country, China.

See, the baby is playing with her mother until her mother so boring to entertain her daughter. I also recorded 138278773623284 videos of them but I don't want to upload in here. What's the surprise of watching the videos if you guys can go and see with your eyes the beauty of mother and daughter beautiful relationship 

Next, besides taking care the pandas, technically, I also do two jobs there, which are as lollipop girl and also bar scan girl. I also met with several staffs who assigned and work just for Panda Convention Complex. Lollipop girl is the one who have grab the several sign such as 'Shhhh..', and 'No flash' to inform the visitors to always behave when visiting Pandas site. 

Here is the bar scan device. It's super easy to use, basically you just have to scan the bar code in every visitors who visit Pandas on their wrist to calculate how many people are coming. During weekend, the number of visitors are high compared to weekdays. That's why, maybe one day I can volunteer to work there during weekend since I already paid RM10 as member fees per year. Next visits consider as free and you can choose which part of animals you wanna take care of. Fun isn't? 

After finish my work, I also have look around the Panda place, including Panda Kitchen( to show how pandas food are done), Panda Cafe and souvenirs shop.

Panda cupcakes, toys, pens, merchandise, soft toys you name it people! Truly cute and amazing!

It's definitely one of the best moments I had this month. Visiting Feng Yi and Fu Wa + their cub : CHECK!

You guys can visit them too at Zoo Negara too at RM22 (Just for Panda) but if you wanna explore whole Zoo, is only at cost RM54 per adult. I don't quite sure for the children but you can always go to their website to know more about Zoo Negara.

Oh, I totally recommend you guys to go Zoo Negara during March because the price are no longer RM54( current), but it will change to RM43 (Zoo+Panda sites). Awesome isn't it? 

P/S: Zoo Negara also provide Practical training for students. I'm thinking I wanna go, but they didn't provide allowance which is kinda lil suck. But at positive side, we can always go to Zoo and see lots of animals. Especially the threaten and almost extinct species. It's really fascinate me everytime I see animals. 

Lots of love,
Miss A :)