March 12, 2016

Rexy Wing

Assalamualaikum, hello there, earthlings!

Yeay, March is now and Yeay, I'm getting one year older this year *sigh* So far, I'm in the mood of completing assignments, slides and tasks given by my lecturers. I felt terribly bad because last week, I didn't came to Dr.Ros Aniza class and I also didn't focus on OM class since the lecturer is setting my yawning mood -.-I feel like the more I study this final freaking sem, the more I feel lazy. I really need to get my head up. Come on, Aimi! you can do it! Chaiyok chaiyok!

So like, remember when I said in previous post where I mentioned about rexy wing? Yup, I did and if you guys wondering what it is, there you go!

muwahahahahahaha *evil laugh* I finally got my own damn car! well, technically it is a car that my sissy nyek aisya and I own it. I used to said I'm not in good relay with JPJ test and whatsoever but voila! I managed to passed it *pat back* Really proud with myself LOL much!

The cute size of AXIA advanced in metallic red. Why Axia? Firstly, because it's kinda new during the time my mum bought it and secondly, I actually didn't care so much with the brand because face it. I'm still in blur and scared mood when I got my car license. And then, my mum decided to give me this and I was like 'WHETTTT??' Thirdly, my sissy nyek aisya love Axia and must be in RED. I love yellow, but she opposed it. Seriously, who's the one who have license here -.-

Anyway, so far this baby is already 2 months and in pretty good condition. 

In a week, I use around RM20-30 for fuel purpose. RM45-50 consider as full tank. But mostly, during the bar is around 4 or 3, I already hit gas station and I got lotsaa annoying comment from Hafiz because he know I love my rexy wing more than him. Hey, it's my freaking car I can do whatever I want :P

The front view of Axia. Well, it's like a normal for any auto four wheel car, I use navigation a lot when I go to different and places that hard to remember the road. In two months I managed to go places such as UIAM (duh), Wangsa Walk, Sunway Putra, KL fest, Zoo Negara (yes, I go there during volunteering for pandas) , Aeon Kepong and my lovely home bound. 

Yes, the visor is needed and thank you big bro for doing that to your lil sis's car LOL

Back view of Axia. Clean and neat. LOL the look only for temporary after done with car wash. If I'm not the mood of cleaning, this car is a big mess.

For safety purpose :) The cushion is leather type which is good and repel against unexpected spilled water when I drink inside rexy wing. Clumsy much T.T

I actually in puzzle mood why the seat belt is like that. You guys can see it, right? why is it hanging like that? how to use that, like seriously. I need to read the instructions but I really lazy to do that since I'mma driver all the time. I didn't actually set myself as behind passenger. So yeahhh...

All I can say that Rexy is a good girl. So far she didn't give me any trouble and I really thankful for that.

Why the name is Rexy wing? Pretty sure why you guys wondering that or maybe not, whatever. Aisya name it rexy because it's red and got the Xxxxyyyy.. sound at the back, same like Axia. Why wing? I named it wing. I really don't know why. I find it really cute when you refer your car as wing, fluffy and can be quite messy. LOL

P/S: In shaa ALLAH, I will utilize this car as efficiently as possible. I really hope I didn't screw rexy wing a lot too since I'm such a big fat loser. Sorry wing you got this kind of master and driver but I love you, always! Please be good to me 

Lots of love,
Miss A :)