May 8, 2016

DW x Funki Stuff

Assalamualaikum, hello lovely people!

Voila! I just coming back from ze lovely country, Korea   and I gotta say, I had the most memorable and sweetest experience when staying and visiting their country. My favorite place gotta be Myeong-Dong Street, where all beauty products and cosmetics are originated from there  ♥ TOTAL LOVE! Definitely gonna upload my makeup haul based on what I bought from Korea. For more pictures about Korea vacay, just click and follow my INSTAGRAM. You guys gonna love it so much like I do LOL

So like, I'm visiting Korea for almost a week and someone special in Malaysia already miss me wayyyyy too much! Our time zone difference is about one hour earlier than Malaysia and I managed to get in touch with him during night, and also during my time to published 219343370953 photos and videos on my INSTAGRAM. In order for him to always and forever always miss and love me and adore me and idk, care for me, I decided to gave him special present. Oh, on top of that it is about beautiful and classic watch kinda gift. So yeay!

Have you guys ever heard about Daniel Wellington watch? it is super famous and timeless classy every time you wear it. Both of us wearing the latest collection from DW and of course, I bought for him and also for me not only one, but two. LOL 

The packaging is sealed very well and I bought from this amazing Instagram that sell all famous brand watch such as PUMA, DW, Nixon, G-Shock with Baby-G and many more!

It comes with two colors, black and brown leather. I happened to take out my size and put together for my special someone in one box. So, both of us got same box and same watch brand, Daniel Wellington, baby!

As you can see, the boxs are coming with ze card of the Instagram shop, Funki Stuff. All the products are really unique and rare kinda types for each and their best sellers are Timberland watch. Well, actually it depends on people preferences too, so yeah I chose DW as my favorite. Thank God he love it just as much like I do.  Major love  

See, mine is bit smaller compared to him. I just freaking love the simple design, it does match with any occasions and event. A really perfect gift to someone special. 

" When you love someone, you know you have to treat her like a queen and by doing that, you will win her heart by doing something that really impossible to possible. Stop promising with words, Express those with actions. Barulah betul namanya GENTLEMAN. BUKANNYA PENGECUT!" 

Lil kiss for the Funki Stuff for lovely gift. May ALLAH bless you!

P/S: Busy week since finals is almost here, I can't wait for my internship then In shaa ALLAH, probably get a good job and Idk, tie the knot? *wink wink*

Lots of love,
Miss A :)