May 13, 2016

Let's get YUMS!

Hello lovely people and Assalamualaikum!

Today, it is official that my classes are finally over and hitting final exam next week until 6th of June 2016. I cannot believe how time flies and yeah, I'm gonna do my internship, like idk during fasting month! In shaa ALLAH, if everything going well, maybe during raya this year, our lil fam will be going to UK. Just hoping for the best, even I'm still scared with my latest bumpy ride from Korea, now we're planning to go to UK? Total nut much! but it's still in middle of discussion. I would totally love to visit UK again, I heard it's going to be summer during that time. Pray I didn't get any sunburns. URGH

So like, I already post my experiences eating at this cute yet very yummy YUMS lil cafe located inside Wangsa Walk on my ZAMATO Apps, so I kinda wanna share with my bloggie. Since I know, and I think you guys know how much I love foods. 

Here are some lil info about the foods. Basically, I think this cute cafe serve focuses on Thai and also western. And I gotta say, the food I ordered that day is one of their best seller, so yeay I'm soooo excited to dig some!

Variety of foods and also beverages. As you can see, YUMS indicates delicious, it is an acronym about something good especially food so wanna see our dishes? LOL Yes, I go there with my love    before he hit mosque for Jumaah prayer. Thank you for lovely and short date, sayang   

He ordered sirap bandung with ice cream vanilla on top, whereas I picked Passion fruit for drink. I love this! Not too sweet and just nice. The flavors for both are really tempting! Due to that, I kinda do something funny...

I ordered another one. Just for me. Chocolate shake with hershey slide and vanilla ice-cream on top. Suddenly I kinda had this sugar rush feels when I looked our next table chose this drink. Gotta say, this one is the bomb. Like ever, so good! 

My sayang picked chicken grilled with BBQ sauce as his main dish. I like the chicken, really tender and have equal proportion. Just a decent food presentation to attract people to eat here. But wait no further, look at mine!

This is Dry Chilli Pan Mee and I freaking love it! It's soooo good especially the fried chillies flakes. I even asked the waitress to give extra for it. Because its damn good!

Combination of chilli flakes, crunchy anchovies, friend shallots, and eggs. OMG, this is so YUMS.

Sexy food. I just wanna lick my own lappy screen now. LOL

Check my review on ZOMATO Apps. It's not that very details because merely is just a review. But when you have a blog, you gotta explain further details about the shop. The price for all these lovely foods not even reached RM50 for 2 pax. The ambiance of the place are okay and pretty decent. It's located opposite to Tony-Moly cosmetics shop. All the staffs are very friendly and cute, they really welcomed us and serve very well. Apparently, they really love to entertain my sayang and myself. Wow, great way to seek for tips, huh girls *smirks*


P/S: Nope, they don't. They just being friendly   

I will try my best to update about ZOMATO Apps. Maybe either this week or after my second paper for final. Stay tuned!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)