November 8, 2017

Product Review: Safi Rania Gold Beetox collection

Assalamualaikum and hello my darlings!

YES, YES AND HECK YEAH I’m extremely happy today because at last, I marked my promise that I will collect all Guardian X Anna Sui Travel bag collection and BAMM! I did! Oh, check out my FACEBOOK PAGE & INSTAGRAM for better view because I’m not gonna upload in here LOL

BUT! I did update the write up about the event and surprisingly, it is one of the highest entry view compared to others *well, for now* and thank you so much guys for referring to my humble bloggie about the event. If you wanna read it, CLICK HERE for deets.

Okay, enough crapping with my obsession towards Anna Sui travel bags, now I’m moving on with another amazing product launch none other that, Safi Rania Gold Beetox!

Okay guys, I’m being dead serious, Forwardly I’m gonna say that I’m not a big fan of Safi Malaysia products because I used to try one of the cleanser from IDK which Safi skincare range, and it does not work on my skin. So yeah, pass on that one. However, when SAFI came out with the next launch and it’s related with 24K Gold and Bee Venom, I am indeed happy because currently I am sucker for any kind of gold due to my current age now LOL *25 years old and still  young* When I received the parcel, I am living for that bling bling gold box and match with Safi Rania Gold major color, Purple and Gold ribbon on top. Super cute!

What makes this skincare range differ from other brands out there? Of course the main ingredients which are Nano Gold 24K, Honey, Royal Jelly and Propolis. Since I know, when we reach certain age that balancing our mind between thinking in adult kind of way, or act silly like lil kid, We must make sure that our skin are following the natural behavior where it is SHOULD ageing gracefully without people already call you ‘kakak’ or ‘makcik’ at young age. I already experience that situation and until now, it’s stings me lil bit when  those bitches calling me with that nickname even when  I am still young, 20. Like hello? Rude much -.-

But yeah, past is past LOL so now, this is perfect solution for beautiful ladies out there who I highly begging to never experience the same things like I did. When we talk about benefits of Honey, you can straightly google about it and VOILA, Listsss of goodness when we consume/use/apply honey for whole body/face purpose. Yes, Honey is like a natural life saver for every skin tone and help promoting anti-wrinkle at young age. Combination of Royal Jelly, that rich with 20 amino acid, vitamins and mineral help to lifting our skin appearance and sparks le face naturally and Propolis, a natural anti-oxidant properties that also help to prevent fine lines at our face make it this product launch is the best!

Oh yes, another fancy ingredients is none other that Bee Venom! Bee Venom helps to plump our skin, as if you’re injecting BOTOX upon your skin. But of course, it is safe and doesn’t harm or irritate your skin because its also help to improve skin structure and not to mention, a great catch to avoid early pigmentation. Yeay!

In the gold box, I received some of the best item in Safi Rania Gold Beetox collection which are:-

1) The cleanser, rich cream foam type that have combination between Nano Gold 24K and Royal Jelly, will help maintain moisture balance and can remove makeup instantly.  It’s also using the latest Micro foam formulation for deep cleansing into inner skin.

2) Youthful Gold Essence, help to maintain 24H Moisture Lock skin look with combination of Duo Gold 24K, Honey and Hyaluronic Acid. This one is like, dupe for Bio-Essence 24K Gold water that I currently use (of course this one, much cheaper LOL) so, yeah, IDK yet how its going to work, but maybe I will try this baby later.

3) Next best thing, oh yes! Youth Elixir! I think this one is bomb compared to others that I got because it is new, and it is infused with Bee Venom, Nano Gold 24K and Vitamin C that help to elevate your skin texture 3X times younger, improve epidermis layer and avoid early pigmentation! Anyone suffering this kind of skin condition, this product is a must have for you love!

Before use, you need to shake the bottle up to ensure the essence is well mix and can be spread evenly on your beautiful skin.

4) Last, but not least Day cream with SPF 25++ that help to prevent from direct UVA/UVB sunlight directly onto face. I think, sunscreen is a must have item in your skincare routine. Never skip this step, it’s really important to care for your skin at young age okay? 

The texture is quite lightweight and easy to absorb, so it doesn’t have that sticky feeling after application. This is good for people who have combination to oily skin type.

A big applause to Safi Malaysia Team for coming out with these innovation that perfect solution for Malaysian that experience humid and hot weather in our country. Oh, and also for more information, click link below:-


P/S: Thank you PR for sending this to me since I can’t attend the event during the product launch. Nevertheless, you are rock!

Lots of love,

Miss A :)