November 12, 2017

Product review: Beauty in the Drops X 9HERBS Health & Beauty

Hello darlings, Assalamualaikum!

This week, I’m fully charge on duty as ‘Mama Meem’ since my sissy Mok need to attend some work course, but it doesn’t stop me to play with my makeup and also celebrating one of Gemstones baby, Zana! Happy belated birthday Zana, I know I wish you lil late, but the thoughts and cheesy leleh Cake do counts a lot, aite? LOL

Oh yes, for yesterday and today makeup theme, I chose something red and spicy because why? LOL, IDK why double LOL

Oh no, I remember why I opt with Red theme because I never done Red makeup before because I always stick with my kind of favorite colors which are Purple, Peach, and Pink. I’m very familiar with these colors, plus it’s super bonus that most of Malaysian beauty community favors earthy tone and pink vibe because it’s more pleasant to look at compared to heavy black, green or whatever makeup look for every day. Oh please, don’t lie to me that you always do GRUNGE or SMOKEY for everyday look LOL but kudos to any darlings out there if you’re in those category, you’re damn awesome!  *HEAVY APPLAUSE*

*make sure to remove your makeup properly though when you wanna perform pray :)*

As one of beauty blogger that love to try new makeup, I’ve try some of local Malaysian-made, drugstores cosmetics and High End haul too. But for Local made, I got to say, this baby is pure gold!

TARAA! Introducing to you guys, exclusively from 9HERBS Bioceauticals Resources, Beauty in the Drops! Or yeah, you can call in (BitD) for shorts. OH MY GOD. My first reaction when I received the parcel,  is that three damn words. And then, it occurs in my mind that, I never try any Primer from Local made before. I used to try Baby skin Pore Eraser from Maybelline/The POREfessional from Benefits Cosmetics but I need to put that away when I apply this baby on le skin. It’s really amazing and absorb really quick when you rubbed over your face gently. BitD act as 2-in-1, UV Face Primer & Luminous Day Serum. You got twice of goodness pack in 30 ML bottle compared to standard primer out there. So cool!

Beauty in the Drops/BitD is infused magically with ingredients that famous with moisturizing properties such as Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E. When I apply on my skin, I can feel it’s softening my skin appearances and on top of it, I can see my skin looks real glow in consistent usage.  I try this baby as Makeup Primer and also without normal amount of makeup too, so yeah I can feel the difference for the past 10 days. The product is Vegan and cruelty free, GMP product and HALAL certified too.

The goodness in Beauty in the Drops/BitD are:-

a)  Long lasting and waterproof. 

b) Creates radiant and natural looking complexion. This fact beyond bomb because even though the essence is mixtures with glitter that safe to use and the color is in purple serum *my fav, yeay*  it doesn’t leave your skin all looking oily and turn purplish whatsoever. It’s good for  primer, makeup base and also can be use as finishing touch after paintin’ your face LOL

c) UV Protection and helps protect the skin from free radical damage.

So here, some MOTD of mine using Beauty in the Drops for yesterday occasion.

Lovin’ my hot Cheetos eye makeup look LOL are you feelin’ the heat *smirk* some of the product I used is listed in previous entry >>>CLICK HERE<<< For makeup details, head over to my FACEBOOK PAGE and INSTAGRAM okay!

For more information, please click link bellows:


P/S: Personal opinion, I believe this primer can be dupe for FARSALI unicorn essence, one of Mega-hit product from SEPHORA in much affordable price and heals your skin 100% in natural way. Plus their website having major sale now for BitD! hurry up and buy now loves!

P/S: Thank you PR 9HERBS for the love!

P/S Again: I will update le trip to Penang very soon. Stay tuned!

Lots of love,

Miss A :)