March 20, 2018

Dare enough to go Bare with Bare Essentials?

Hello loves, Assalamualaikum!


I know it's been long time I haven't update my blog, for like almost two and half weeks (sorry about that, bloggie, but the most sad part is that I even forgot my email address when I try to log in earlier, OMG) My sissy Nyek Aisya took my precious lappy for her assignments/final exam study, so yeah that's why I've been MIA. Miss me, peeps? LOL

Okay, I'm really super duper excited to announced that I finally step up my blogging life to making/editing my own video or, also known as VLOG! I know I'm super lame + late bloomer to experience this amazing new stuff (well, for me at least), but I did it anyway. It's actually quite hard and awkward at first because I'm not so good when it comes to speak in English, plus good grammar too, but I just throw away all that and just do it and speak confidently even though there's a lot of 'uh ah uuh errmm ahhh erkk' .....K (I really hope I didn't sound like monkey/ape or something) T.T

Okay, since I already do some un-boxing regarding with second baby of ALTHEA KOREA on my Youtube channel (LINK AT BOTTOM), which called 'Bare Essentials' skincare set, I would like to top up lil info regarding with this skincare collection. First impression? CLEAN and CUTE!

Can you not! Seriously, the packaging super top notch, and reminds me to always feel 'less is more' kind of vibe, which I don't mind since I'mma girl that embrace my imperfections but at same time, I'm also love extra bling and Glitz! So, thank you ALTHEA KOREA for this hidden message that the company try to reach to all beautiful people out there (includes me, LOL) I think everyone should know the basic skincare regime is all about cleansing, toning and Moisturize! Therefore, Bare Essential Skincare is born elegantly and win many people heart with each amazing benefits for le products. Shall we break it?

Yes, we shall!

First step, Contour cleanser. The name itself is kinda weird because I think it is basic in Korean standard to achieve a V-shaped face features whereas personally, I think people with chubby cheeks are much more cuter and fuwa-fuwa fluffy to touch LOL Contour cleanser enriched with Ice plant for cool-after effect and Lemon Verbena leaf help to get rid of scars, freshen dull skin and enhanced natural glow too! I heard that lemon good for skincare/bodycare, so yeah no surprise there!

Second step, Toning your face with Primer Water! I think, among all the product for this set, Primer Water has a unique, mineral bottle shape and it's 200ML per box. Primer water infused with Dew drop and snow lotus extract. The texture really easy to apply on skin and does not irritates skin. However, since I'mma huge fan of any skincare product that is alcohol free, so Primer water is not my favorite (because classic clumsy me, forgot to read the ingredients before purchase) but I still wear it in very minimal amount since it is next step after cleanse. So yeah, LOL

Last step, full lock moisturize le face using Fixer cream! This jar is the cutest ever and look extremely clean, it's a waste to throw away after finish T.T ALTHEA KOREA claims that Fixer cream is dermatologist tested and all benefits 3 in 1 (Trehalose, Green Tea and Baobab Tree extract) are mixed together and voila! Fixer cream is born. Trehalose is a mother of hydration that can moisturize skin all day and night long! Whereas, green tea is super rich with antioxidant, anti-ageing and my favorite cleanse tox drink too LOL Baobab Tree is some kind of like ginseng, very good to help and make your skin good naturally inside out. 

Among all three products from Bare Essentials Skincare, My vote goes to the last one! It's so good, it doesn't irritates my skin and feels lightweight too! Yeay!

Oh, and last one, I also bought the first product from ALTHEA KOREA, which is Velvet petal powder that serves as translucent powder and now, I heard it comes with natural beige tone too! So excited to try :)

You guys bold enough to go bare? try Bare Essentials to feel the difference! I'm using it too, so I can't wait to review updates soon. For more deets, click link below:-


P/S: I also upload my video on YT channel, and yes, the video quality much better in HD, so change it first before you guys watch and enjoy the review! I'm still new in VLOG, I try my best to improve for next Vlogging sesh. LOL


Lots of love,
Miss A :)