February 20, 2018

NYX Cosmetics X Sunway Pyramid beauty launch

Hello beautiful, Assalamualaikum!

Okay, I know that tomorrow I will return back to work and I'm already feel lazy all over le self because I'm comfortable and enjoying my long hols before CNY break. Man, all paperwork and computer workload and other crap stuff is begin zzz

but oh, before I head over to work, I gotta update some beauty input inside le blog because that's my thangg baby! I know it's been super late, but holy shit I'm really glad to be part of next beauty launch of NYX Cosmetics Malaysia outlet located in Sunway Pyramid.

Even the decoration is super fancy and full with pink! Yes, pink is always related with beautiful girls out there despite race and skin color. I'm really happy to attend the event as one of influencer/beauty blogger and actually, I've been at previous NYX cosmetics launch at IOI Mall, but during that time I'm attend as makeup lover instead of an influencer LOL 

Like previous NYX Cosmetics beauty outlet, I just love the arrangement of each bars that divided according to basic brushes, foundation, contours, highlight, eye shadows, bla bla bla and end with lips. Each bar focus on the specialty and best-selling item so that it becomes an attraction for consumers to buy or maybe stock up their collection. Personally, I love high-end product, but NYX Cosmetics consider as 'OKAY' and lil bit same level with Wet N Wild, compared to other drug stores makeup. Not that mighty, but quite good. 

I bought one of Micro brow pencil code 'Black' and I quite liking the textures, especially the fluffy brush at bottom. It does help my brows lookin' extra fine and easy to carve LOL Plus, it's travel friendly too!

I super duper love the new collection from NYX Cosmetics, which is 'I love you so Mochi' a.k.a Mochi collection lips range. The powdery puff is smooth and easy to apply without probs. Plus, you can control the amount you wanna apply on le lips too. Oh, during the beauty outlet launch, NYX Cosmetics also focus on their newest collection that makes people all goin' crazy to get some including me LOL

The newest collection launch consists of Eye shadows, highlights and lippies. The highlight palettes is so beautiful, but too bad I didn't managed to grab one, pffft it's okay, will collect these babies soon!


Oh , hello there Nikita Dragun. Yesss, I saw you gurl! 

I received some goodies too, but to be honest, I'm not really satisfied with it. Okay, first of all, don't get wrong impression, I like being there and attend the event, but what made me so sad is that, the goodies that I got are way, far different compared to other bloggers who came during the launch. Most of beauty bloggers received a palette consist of lip matte creme and eye shadow, whereas me, I got 3 mini lippies that not even pretty, plus it's an ugly shades ever. IDK whether I should be happy with it, or I should just move on since I already have tonnes of makeup. But yeah, still! I'm really upset with the management because you're being damn bias about the goodies distribution T.T

But eff with it, for more deets, you guys can go and buy your NYX Cosmetics collection at IOI Putrajaya Mall and latest one, Sunway Pyramid. Have fun being pretty, dolls!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)