September 7, 2020


 Hello loves, Assalamualaikum :)

Happy Independence day, Malaysia! Yeah, I know it's quite late since my last update because I went into fun and tan with my friends LOL but I'm back again and I really can't wait for next upcoming trip to Langkawi at early Nov. Since my family couldn't travel oversea, so yeah, inside MY we goes, there's abundance of beautiful islands to explore but idk, I prefer to go outside MY. I'm so annoying LOL

I received this package around June, and I'm so excited to finally have my own SUNNIES FACE brand in my vanity makeup collection! I browse and aimin' to buy this baby long while ago because the makeup purpose is to always enhance your nature, beautiful face without makeup conquering your whole face and called it 'natural makeup' or whateva There's actually not lots of makeup brand that emphasize your nature beauty, so when I look over SUNNIES FACE, I know it by heartbeat, this makeup line really suits me the most, so cute! If you guys wanna try out these brand, please do try out!

Here some of the swatches and makeup flatlays for your eyes treat LOL the limited edition fluffmatte is one of SUNNIES FACE best sellers and it compiles all the best nudes in their collection. 

From left to right for Nud-ish Fluffmatte collection;

Milk tea, Baby spice, On repeat, Casual, Bday, Brunette

I just tried out Baby spice and holy shit, it's so pretty!

The swatches really cute, right!

For Airblush Cheeks, the colors really beautiful and glide smoothly on your cheeks. Since I couldn't leave one of 'em, I just need to get all colors because issoooo pretty :) and the names also cute! DISCO, MOON, RAZZ, PEACHED, BISCUITS AND DOLL! I remember their name vividly because it literally givin' me aesthetic, nude vibe when I applied 'em on my face. I never try to use it on my eyelids, but I will soon hehehe 

I also posted video for this baby on youtube, check it out!

If you guys wanna buy SUNNIES FACE MALAYSIA reseller at the most cheapest and friendliest seller, click link below okay darling!


You guys gonna love SUNNIES FACE so much like I do, so please drop by if you wanna buy for yourself since the brand only available in Philippines. Sux right? I know 


AimiiiLove :)