May 20, 2021


   Assalamualaikum and Hi loves! I promise myself that I'll update new post as much as I can because I kinda missing my bloggie so much but I'm so occupied with my other SocMeds LOL but no worries, I didn't forget my cute, ultimate blog and IDK if my loyal readers are still here, scrolling mine. I hope you guys are here happily reading my content. So, today I'mma post about another makeup that widely known in Japan, Canmake Tokyo! I know I didn't post a lot about makeup because I'm huge sucker for amazing skincare especially that suits Asians skin care. But for me, Canmake Tokyo really steps up with their product branding because these babies has been in Malaysian Market for almost 2 decades. Expanding from SASA, Aeon Wellness, Guardian and noawadays available on Shoppee. The price for the makeup  quite affordable for everyone including from high schoolers to middle range women/men (because makeup got no limit, everyone can wear it!) 

   Another great thing I found about Canmake Tokyo makeup are all designed in cute size for convenience purpose. Can you believe, the product quality with finest ingredients came in small size! Hehehe now, lemme show you guys the latest Canmake Tokyo Makeup products that I got (thank you in advanced Jijun for giving me an opportunity to try out these babies, love ya!) 

Lemme listed the products on top here,

Canmake Tokyo Perfect Stylist Eyes NO 14 Antique Ruby, NO 19 Urban Copper, NO 22 Apricot Peach and latest one NO 23 Almond Canele

Canmake Tokyo Highlighter L01 Champagne Gold and NO1 Silky Beige, Canmake Tokyo Silky Souffle Eyes latest NO 07 Nectarine Orange

Canmake Tokyo Creamy Touch Liner NO 01 Deep Black, NO 02 Medium Brown, NO 03 Dark Brown,NO 04 Garnet Burgundy

The First one, OMGGGGGG gotta loves the Perfect stylist Eyes palette! much bigger, better and got mirror too. We can create two looks within 1 palette. Most of the main shades are located at the top right and bottom left, so we can create that you want via clockwise or anticlockwise. The glitter part in every palette offering complete control of sparkle level and really cling to eyelid without powder scatter. There got 4 palette, And I'm in love with most of it, especially the latest one and Antique Ruby. So pigmented and really WOW-ed me!

  The second one, the highlighter make you choose your preferred finish, the textures so fine that's literally melted into your skin. The dewy-silky smooth powders holds onto your highlight bone area without looking too powdery. For Silky Souffl√© Eyes, the new code really pretty with rich texture that fluffy like souffle teehee! The application also feels very great and glide smoothly with free of powder scatters and glitter shed. I didn't test out this one yet because it's so pretty to touch, so I'mma use a lot with the perfect stylist eyes palettes first.

    Last thing, this one is my favorite so far from the collection, Creamy Touch Liner. OMG. OMG.OMG this one is perfect for my babes who love WATERPROOF liners (literally resistant to water, sweats, tears and sebum). Not only that, the 1.5 mm hyper-slim tip liner can help filling in the gaps between lashes and the twist-up design is good for beginners too. The liner enriched with beautifying/moisturizing ingredients such as Squalene (vegan), jojoba seed oil & macadamia seed oil. I totally recommend these one because it is so good!

If you guys want to purchase Canmake Tokyo makeups, don't forget to heads over nearby drugstores Malaysia and Shoppee for online shop. I'll do makeup review on my Instagram very soon, so don't forget to follow, show some loves and comment okies!


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Aimiiiilove :)