May 17, 2021


Hello prettiest :) 

   Bla, Bla, Blaaaa I know my blog is full with dust *phew phew* because I'm more active on my Instagram & Twiter lol (you can always click on my SocMeds Icon above and don't forget to follow me ehek) this post gonna be like Makeup Product first impressions and I'm so happy when PR Dewycel Malaysia reached me out to try three best items from their brand; which are Pure-ing Cream, Super Cover Cushion in shade No.23  and Tintouring Lipbalm Code 01 Rare Pink. As you can see, I include the video makeup on my youtube channel. 

    The makeup I did in the video is literally my everyday look, with a pinch of purple shimmer on my eyelids because I'm 'mengada' liddat LOL so, for the first items, Pure-Ing Cream (idk why the pronunciation is weird, why Not Pure Ring instead of Pure-Ing? T_T) it is common phenomenon for every beauties junkies out there to hear about tone up essence or fluid after done applying moisturizers and sunscreen, so the best thing about Pureing cream from Dewycel is that the cream not only use natural coloring & suitable for every asian skin types due to Raspberry leaf extract that helps to increase & protect skin barrier, it is alsosafe to use during overnight too! But for me, when it comes for makeup, it is better to let your skin breath during night and I want my skin to soaked all goodness of skincare rather than makeup, so yeah... For my babes who wanna have quickie makeup look without your skin looking dull, squeeze appropriate amount on your finger and dab dab on your face. Trust me, your skin tone will look natural fresh without leaving white cast residue. For the next one, the one and only item that literally blew my mind is the Super Cover cushion, WOW. OMG.WOW!  The coverage is no joke, so damn good because one layer can cover up whole my face. I actually still in disbelief mode because the cushion can cover my faded scars on my skin, I’m also glad because I’m no longer experiencing bad skin nowadays, so with minimum apply is enough. The Essence & soothing formula inside the cushion is equal to70% skincare extract were added to get that healthy glow look afterwards with SPF50+/PA+++ The last Item for Dewycel is the tintouring lip balm. The balm glides smoothly on my lips and not to mention, it's follow body temperature whilst moisturizes your lips. The balm enriched with pomegranate & rose extract that are widely known for the benefits, and came up with three shades to suits every occasion; Rare Pink, Rare Coral & Lips Coral.

   Personal thought & final verdict; The cushion definitely took me by surprise! it is so good & I’m definitely recommend that out of 3, LOL for the Pureing cream, it is safe to use on my neck & hands too without giving me any rash, discomfort etc so that one is also yay! But I'm recommending to use it all over your body too to balance the tone of your skin and other part. The tintouring balm is cute, and I've been trying out other lip product that also have these kind of functions, but nothing much do to me because I fancy gloss rather than balm/matte. The price range is quite Affordable. I’m giving out 5/5 for the Super Cover Cushion, 4.5/5 for the Pure-Ing Cream, 3/5 for the balm. You can check out on Shoppee Apps about Dewycel, here the links teehee!

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Till we meet on next post! Cheers!

Foot Notes:

BTW, Happy Eid Mubarak everyone! another year passing by and another year of torments for our brother and sisters in GAZA, PALESTINE. If you guys happens to watch on news and social medias, there's a lot of awareness spread and I'm so happy because big famous public figures in western took part with it, same goes with Malaysians. May ALLAH bless their innocents souls and their level granted to the highest in Akhirah #FREEPALESTINE  #PALESTINELIVESMATTER It's been kinda bleak moments for me to celebrate Eid this year when I heard about these matters, I mean, is it really hard for everyone to live in peace? in good terms without need of war? I wish everyone will love and spread joyous all around the world, I know there's still goodness in everyone heart, so WAR AND KILLING INNOCENTS LIVES IS NOT AN OPTION. Do your part and everyone will knows how CRUEL and EVIL is ZIONIST ISRAEL. May ALLAH ease everything. Peace be upon you.