October 10, 2021


 Hello & Hi everyone, May Peace Always for you dearies! Wow, we’re almost reach at end of Sept 2020 and I can’t believe the COVID-19 cases around Malaysia are slowly reduce at amazing pace. Yeah, sure slowly but at least everything seems be improving plus! Almost 80% peeps are getting their vaccine shots. I’m so proud with all Malaysians, I hope we can achieve herd immunity & let the imagination & dream of #FREEMASK will realize one fine day, May God wills it :3 My post on Social medias are crazy pack this months because there’s a lot I need to try & giving out honest review (literally tho, pray for my skin LOL) One of the amazing brand that I really got the opportunity to try out is on this update; Since my blog is the first that will encounter for this brand (I didn’t announce or publish yet on other platform) SOME-thing Green, SOME-thing Cute , SOME-thing about K-Skincare, can you guys guess it? *wink wink*

I present to you, SOME BY MI Korean Skincare! Yeayyyy this brand literally & always has been on my skincare dream wishlist because I really wanna try out their amazing skin range that focus on every skin types (AHA,BHA,PHA Calming/Soothing, Yuja Niacin Brightening & Snail Truecica Wrinkle Care) the one that I received is the most perfect one for my current skin condition; the first one yeay *happy dance* There are 4 products that I got which are Miracle Toner, Miracle Serum, Miracle Acne Clear Body & Miracle Cream. 

Some brief about the brand; The brand name "Some By Mi" came from the combined words of “Something”, “By A Miracle” and “Mi”, meaning “beauty” in Korean. The brand formulates its products with mild and skin-friendly ingredients that are FREE FROM harmful chemicals such as carcinogen, colorants and parabens. All of Some By Mi products are Dermatologist Safe & Non-Comedogenic verified. Oh, shall we begin with the product deets?

Some By Mi AHA/BHA/PHA 30 Days Miracle Toner 150 ML. (CLICK HERE)

The toner claims to everyone within 30 days you’re gonna experience soft & supple skin like a baby bum LOL it is highly-effective toner to use for gentle exfoliation due to combination of Papaya Extract, Witch Hazel & Real TeaTree extracts whilst removes impurities on skin. I believe the toner might be perfect for my babes out there who having acne-prone skin. Well, in my daily skincare routine, I hardly use Toner because I’m more focus on essence/Cream & Facial sheet mask (yes you know it if you guys following me on my instagram LOL) But since I already bought for myself the Compression Sheet mask where the mask expand when in contact with liquid, so I’m excited to test out this toner.

Some By Mi AHA/BHA/PHA 30 Days Miracle Serum 50ML. (CLICK HERE)

The Serum contains 14.5% of Centella Asiatica Extract that widely known for soothes & calming properties for dry & normal skin. But the TeaTree Extract inside also helps for trouble acne problems too. The serum textures kinda oily-watery mixed when I first open it, I did apply on my neck & my wrist to do some patch test for few hours, so far it does absorb quickly on my skin without feel sticky which took me by surprise consider the serum looks oily at first glance. The Serum focuses on pores & boost hydration on skin.

Some By Mi AHA/BHA/PHA 30 Days Miracle Cream 60 Gram (CLICK HERE)

Well, most of Some By Mi 30 Days range are packed with Centella Asiatica & TeaTree Extract, the Cream complements& follows routine like any other skincare; Cleanser-Toner-Serum-Cream! The cream helps to purifies & removes dead skin cells within one pea size of finger. The only thing that kinda hassle for me is that the cream didn’t come with spoon to scoop out the product, you need to use your finger tho LOL but I’m in love with the medicated scents on each products, so I don’t find it big problem after all.

Some By Mi AHA/BHA/PHA 30 Days Miracle Acne Clear Body Cleanser 400 Gram (CLICK HERE) This one, ladies & Gentlemen; TOP NOTCH!

I heard soooooo many good feedbacks & great result if you’re having back acne problem especially for hijabis like me. LITERALLY. Well, I didn’t imply it for everyone, but for poor soul like me, the back acne is a nightmare because you couldn’t do anything about it so this one actually the product I’m excited the most to try out when I received the parcel. The body cleanser helps to exfoliates dead skin cells & alleviate body acne with salicylic acid to improve skin texture & oil control. The TrueCica & Heartleaf extract is the main ingredients for it, so I have no doubt this body cleanser are great to use every day yeay! Overview & final verdicts; I’m so happy that I got the opportunity to try out these products, so far my skin still adapting Some By Mi skincare, and it is good skin journey! My favorite definitely the Cream and Body Cleanser, these two are gold. I love it and I wish everyone can try out the product itself because it’s truly amazing!

Most of the products you can purchase at THREEBS MALAYSIA; The One Stop Centre (OSC) website for great & new skincare product that you desire to buy in one click. THREEBS are really easy to use & the payment methods are very lenient too! I will link the product below for easy access; check’em out! 




So, which one of SOME BY MI product you like to try most? I can’t wait to explore more skincare on THREEBS! Teeheee see ya! 

Cheers, Aimiiiiibaby :)