December 29, 2021

Safi Youth Gold Review

 Hello gorgeous people! Assalamualaikum everyone :)

It's been a while I didn't update my blog, I know, we're almost reach the last part of year 2021, month of December before hello new year eve! I can't promise much for next year that I will update my blog since I'll be officially stop do skincare or makeup review due to personal reason. I found out that I need to focus on my mental health. I'm still in middle of trying slowly to being beauty blogger or anything, but if I want to, I will update and post on my social medias. So yeah, enjoy the last post for this year.

I've received this amazing SAFI Youth Gold in luxurious gold box with cute shiny confetti inside, where lies Lifting 24K Serum Cleanser And Lifting Golden C Duo Serum. Both of the product is so good, I tried the combo for better result and so far my skin lovin' it. I used the cleanser twice a day and the golden flakes that smears on my face makes me feel rich all of sudden *even I'mma broke ass bitch hahah* The cleanser help and define 4X Age Defying, reduce double chin appearances and acts as antioxidant booster too. I think, at age 30, this baby is freakin' gold since we all wanna look young and firm, so this really helps a lot. 

Besides that, after cleanse, I use Lifting Golden C Duo Serum to complete my skincare routine. Love it so much and the dropper can minimize messy-ness when it comes to apply on the face. The serum helps strengthen skin barrier, reduce wrinkles and crow feets on your eyes, plus smile line too! I think Angelina Jolie pretty much didn't smile a lot during her younger day to avoid this problem. Gosh, we love a resting bitch face queen LOL

I'm still in middle using it, so far my skin didn't react harshly for the awesome ingredients inside this two, so I count that as good? If you wanna try for yourself, heads over to SAFI WEBSITE or maybe on nearby drugstore (Watsons or big hypermarket) because the product is not that expensive, around 20-30 bucks. So yeay!

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Till then Cheers!