June 12, 2014

Painting and coloring

Assalamualaikum, Hai 

It's definitely been almost two weeks since I stay in my house and yeah, I don't do anything except than painting. I think I'm obsessed with my left hand now, and gotta admit, It's really amaze even my own self when I painted all the drawings. Based on previous drawing, I'm more on doodling and sketching. Now, dah move on sikit area painting + coloring. Al-Hamdulillah, walaupun masih amatur, but It's really a fun experience because before ni saya tak handal dalam mewarna. Welllllll, kat bawah ni several paintings in watercolor. Jangan gelak! *muka serius sambil sengih* kui kui

Shine and Bright. I used a lot of neon colors such as neon green, neon light yellow, and neon pink. Oh yeah, neon bright orange too :3

Rebirth. I don't know the meaning behind the name I gave towards this painting but it does receive the highest likes on my IG. Just keep it mystery that way.

Someone called me 'Jackson Pollock junior' due to this painting. Ya ALLAH, sangatlah jauh panggang dari api weh. Jackson Pollock is the best, most talented person and painter. Nak tengok painting ni compared dengan JP's painting memang sangatlah rasa diri ni kecil *tutup muka, menangis terharu* 

Passion. Why? because arts really attach with my heart. As you can see,the painting of the heart resembles my passion and love in drawing. Oh my, I love you art 

Many more to come, In shaa ALLAH. Basically, saya hanya drawing untuk kepuasan diri. But now, I think it is more than that. It's like, art have become my life. My passion. My feelings. My expression.  I definitely will continue drawing until the rest of my life. I WILL!

Bawah ni, is one of my collections yang paling saya sayang. Introducing, 


Nana Lim.

Nana Bella.

Nana Feona.

Nana Ammara.

P/S: Salam Nisfu Syaa'ban. Sama-sama memanfaatkan hari mulia ini ya. In shaa ALLAH 

Lots of Love,
Miss A :)