January 12, 2015

New Year's gift

Assalamualaikum, hey peeps 

I'm officially done with my final exam and basically, finish my third year, first sem student. I can't believe I'm going to continue for next sem then practical training will start. I still can't believe that I'm turning 23 this year. I still can't adapt the facts that I'm getting old. I still can't accept that reality. Why I feel that my brain can't comprehend with my attitude? is it true that when people getting older, they will forget everything, bit by bit....I think I have that kind of illness. I am :( *pre-senile attack!*

I might forget everything, but not completely everything. I still remember when I laid my eyes on this. It was on 2nd of January 2015.

Relatively related with the concept of their motto, Here's To Change, I represent to you guys HTC One Max ♥ She's undeniably 'someone' that I can rely with since I'm not in good term with baby Sony Xperia J. 

Thank you mum for an early new year gift. Sure my mum pampered me so much such as SMART goldie bag and now this. HTC One Max. Daebakkk! 

At first place, I thought HTC is one of China products. But that perspectives is totally wrong after I asked the lady who work at the HTC Center. 100% made in Taiwan and complete package with screen protector, USB Cable, charger and warranty card. Most of HTC's body parts are limited edition. I could not get tampered screen protector and nice 'condom' to cover my baby. I will look for it, okay babygirl  

Ready to meet the main star of the entry? LOL

Yeah, I know. First thing pop out from mind is, your baby is FREAKING DAMN BIG! Well, it is satisfy enough to play games. I mean, the screen is sooooo good and the sound system *HTC Boom sound* is way better than Sony and Samsung. I love it to max  moreover, this phone occupied with SD Card and Internal storage 16GB cover for both. Right now, I can study, experience, googling, playing non-stop until my head blows using HTC One Max. 

The back is real professional and I love the simplicity of the design. Not too bold/manly or too feminine. Just giving a good impression when you touch and see the phone. I really hope this phone don't give me any trouble in near future because I'm planning to use it last for 2-3 years, max. Please be nice with me and I will be nice to you. After all, my mum did promise me to buy new phone due to my unstoppable-jerking-nagging-cry baby attitude. LOL

Here some specification regarding with HTC One Max. CLICK HERE 

P/S: I'm not in the mood of writing because damn I'm too tired. Really hope for improvement in writing for next entry. 

P/S again: My dream phone are either Samsung Note 4 or Iphone 6. But at the end I got HTC One Max in my hand. Sure, when you are old, you will never get thing that you really want because that's how life is. Without proper determination and desire, you will never get thing easily as pie. Huh, I'm pretty sure I think like real matured lady now. 20% perhaps.

Miss A.

*I need my watermark for ze blog. Really*