January 20, 2015

Product review: Belle Vous Resources Collagen BVRC

Assalamualaikum, hey lovely babes!

  It's really been a while I didn't post up any new entry for this new year except for the HTC One Max  ♥ that I love so freaking much because of awesomeness of that phone LOL Okay, back to reality check. I has set up some new wishes or new year resolutions that I want to maintain slim and get fit. Other than slim, I also wanna look pretty since now I'm already 23, after hitting march this year 2015 *still awkward typing this number on my blog. blerghh

  As you guys know, I mean most of my readers know that when it comes to women, there must be beauty products. It's totally common that any lady,girl,women regardless young or old they always have tendency to always look beautiful. I'm also a beauty freak because I used to applied lot(sssss) of beauty product on my face and consume collagen supplements regardless in pill,sachets(drinks) or dust. Previously I consumed K-Colly17 as my beauty supplements and recently* well, not that recent event,but last month* I also took Satin Skinz Premium as well. Both are quite okay for me as long as I drink 3 liters of water everyday. 

   However, due to their pricey price, I couldn't afford to buy every month because face it, I'm still a student who thinks that money should be spends on other valuable things rather than beauty products T.T Soooo, I take this opportunity to find new beauty products that satisfy my craving needs of collagen and at the same time, CHEAP!


   Recognize this baby, doll face?  ♥ Yes, I'm talking about Belle Vous Resources Collagen or known as BVRC. So here, some brief about the product. BVRC is originated and manufactured in Kota Bharu, Kelantan and the owner is really beautiful! She's already married, have a big car and one gorgeous baby boy and at the same time, still studying but she is the founder/owner of this product. Did I mention she is in same age as me -.- 

Here is the main ingredients of BVRC: Gluthathione, Marine collagen, vitamin C and E, Apple stem cell, strawberry stem cell and sakura extract. Oh my, I'm deeply in love with this product even more since one of the ingredients is Sakura flower! no wonder it smells nice and you wanna keep eating it, like you can finish whole bottle and ask for another bottle everyday LOL

Suggestion: two scopes, one in morning and another one during night. The spoon will be provided. If you don't like to eat-on-go, you can mixed it with any kind of juice or drinks that you favors. But I prefer if you guys just eat it one scoop, and drink 3 liters of water. More is better but be careful with non-stop nature call :P

BVRC help people to enhance their natural skin without peeling, whiten and prevent irritations or blemishes on the skin in long-term benefits, help to glow up the skin and make our skin looks more radiant and fair. Most of the testimonies claims the result can be seen in 3 days, however it depends on people with their metabolism and acceptance by this product. 

Personal review:

I'm taking this product almost one week and so far the result is amazing. I can feel *boleh lah sikit* that my skin becoming more glow and pinkish. Pimples starting to fade and the scars also following the steps. I can't wait to see more of it in future. For students out there who wants to try this product, you guys can contact her in Facebook. Oh, normally the price of BVRC in market around rm90.00, BUT! I bought 2 bottles of BVRC with rm86.00 include postage *applause!* sure you don't wanna miss this chance to get beautiful supplement with cheap price. Don't worry the product is ORIGINAL,SAFE, approved by KKM and HALAL :)

Le selfie of myself consuming BVRC 

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Lots of love,
Miss A :)