February 6, 2015

Product review: Maybelline White Superfresh

Assalamualaikum, hey loves!

Well, first of all, I have tons of pending entries to write and materials to publish in my blog, however I'm too lazy to write because I'm so busy with my next new year resolution for this year, which is to STAY FIT. Do you guys ever heard about this product?


Definitely gonna blog about this super best slimming supplements soon. Like real soon since I've already consume around 3 weeks, I can feel the differences. Right now I can wear blouses and shirts in smaller cutting, from XXL to L, sometimes M. Kudos to my efforts to maintain my desire to eat fatty foods and regular exercise. Wait for next entry okay 

Back to basic.

Every girls best friend besides gold is makeup. I just assume some girl digs gold, or maybe money? LOL but I'm pretty sure people love makeup   Makeup are very common among both genders so it wouldn't be so surprising to know that everyone love makeup. So same goes to me. I'm a MEIKO's user and I love their textures as well. However, I only bought Naturactor cover face, Magical lipstick and latest, makeup base to complete my look everyday. But the foundation can get sticky and melt sometimes after 5-6 hours, so I need something to matte it up but at the same time, it doesn't look cakey and looks fresh. Soooo....


Recognize this baby? yes, it's really an eye-catching brand since everyone know MAYBELLINE very well in near pharmacies or beauty store at Guardian and Watson right? I dropped by the other day to buy their kinda latest product which is, Maybelline White Superfresh UV cake powder. I'm actually quite eager to know the deets.

Shall we see the packaging? 

Looks so soft and pure. Simple packaging but comes with great benefits. The product claimed people will stay matte and fresh look for about 12 hours and on top of that, it comes with UV protection SPF 34++ to protect our face from harmful sunlight. However, I still believe that we need to apply sunblock to protect our skin, we cannot just depends on the powder, right? 

My skin tone that matched with the powder is #02, which is nude beige. The product came with 5 tones and you guys can choose according to your skin. Based on the Maybelline Malaysia website, this powder is known as best-seller product. So, whatcha waiting for? grab one now!

Le inside.

What I love about this product?

The powder makes my skin look fresh and not oily*which is good since I have combination skin type* and then, the price also affordable, everyone can buy it regardless teenagers or old people. For people who are lazy to apply soo much makeup, this cake powder is definitely must have in your makeup kits. Easy to bring, have 3 functions: brightening properties, have SPF and look natural on skin. I just love every bit about it, oh and another thing is that, like any other compact powder, I usually touch up my face like twice every time if it get oily but with Maybelline White Superfresh, I hardly touch up back my face after first application. Cool isn't it? 

Rate: 5/5 

Le myself using Maybelline White Superfresh and lipstick bold matte 07 nude beige 

Okay, that's all for today. I will update more after this. Stay tuned!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)