February 26, 2015

Need Pizza, anyone?

Assalamualaikum and hey lovely dolls!

  This sem *sem 2, 2014/2015* is kinda hectic for me since it's going to be my last sem before I do my practical training to fulfill the department requirement before graduate next year. I'm actually feel extremely nervous because I know, I'm still in the middle of trying to make my life more stable and and the same time, trying to maintain my desires to become fit, healthy and gorgeous. That's indicates why I really need my TKO FAT BURNER and my new collagen beauty. In shaa ALLAH, next entry I will update that product since I wanna make surprise comeback of becoming of the consumer who consume that super power energy boost + weight loss supplement 

  My current body. I know, I still need to cut down some fats and yes, excuse the face because I'm enchanted with the scenery at the first place I visit to Turkey, recently which is Topkapi Sarayi. If I have time, I will update my journey in next entry. OMGG there's too much pending post(sss) that need to held at moment T.T

  Sometimes I can be very dedicated to get fit, but hello! the urge to eat some unhealthy foods did occurs in my mind once a while because I don't wanna feel totally crave over something that I cannot eat just to have fit body. Therefore, like any other normal people, I do have cheat day just to get over all those feelings before I feel totally worst kempunan LOL so voila!

Ever heard about Fahrenheit 600, anyone? Yeah, I know this place kinda normal for everyone who wanna have some fun chit chat time with love one and today I spent my ample time with one of my girl, Zazareena 

These are some decorations hung up on the wall. Looks very vintag-y and the ambiance really cozy with the aroma of coffees from coffee corner just in front of our sit.What can I say? This place is real dope!


Unfortunately, I didn't managed to capture the coffee place but instead I take picture of empty chairs in my view LOL wth T.T

Forget the view, eating time! So here, both of us are pretty much cheese lover and we ordered Pizza called 'The big cheese' size 12 inch. Basically, it's just a normal size pizza for medium in any pizza outlet like Dominos and Pizza Hut.We also pick two vintage lemonade as our drinks and One salted caramel dark chocolate for myself. 

  Actually, the size are pretty cute to drink and not to forget, lemons are great for detoxification process. I'm also heard from one of the waiter said that these drinks are quite popular among visitors who eat in here.

  Here my yummy salted caramel dark chocolate!

  I totally in love with the chocolate flakes on top of this cake and the saltiness are quite adaptable to eat. This cake is to die for since the taste are not too sweet.Perfect for my taste buds preference because sweet foods are not my priority at moment :3

Such cutie!

  Ready for main course? *wink*

Drooling twimee! 'The big cheese' are rich with most of the cheese I familiar with such as mozzarella, Feta, Cheddar and Gouda cheese. It's like totally cheese maniac! my girl couldn't wait any second to grab one since she's very hungry whereas I keep forbidding her because I need to snap some picture for blog materials to update ._. sooo....
Let's dig some!

Told ya guys she's super hungry LOL 

  I spread some chili flakes on top of the Pizza and when Zaza grab some more slice, she said to me,

"Aimi, pedas lah kau pergi letak cili banyak-banyak buat apa!" with teary eyes. I laugh so much and we had conversation related with current situations, gossips, boyfriends, vacation trip and so on. But mostly gossip! Okay, actually there is no teary eyes, it's merely gimmick :P

Slice of happiness before entering my cute stomach LOL

Say, cheese! *senyum tak nampak gigi. say cheese dalam mulut je T.T*

Couple of selcas won't hurt anyone, aite? :3 Okay, comelnya muka kami  XD

Fahrenheit 600 also provide fast wi-fi connection and other variety of foods such as calzones, sandwiches and pasta. Definitely will try and eat here again since the total price is cheap for two person.

thumbs up for the good foods and nice service. But the Pizza is freshly bake, that's why we have to wait for about 15-25 minutes to eat but it's worth it. Yeay!

FACEBOOK PAGE: Fahrenheit 600

P/S: I will update about TKO fat burner soon. real soon. 

P/S lagi: workout tak dilupakan. need to break down some cheese, yo!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)