February 27, 2015

Famous and Yummy Madam!

Assalamualaikum, hey loves!

So, well, actually, I decided to update new entry for tonight is because I feel attracted with one of the pictures I scroll in my photo gallery inside my HTC One Max ♥ When I look it back, I feel like, 'Damn, I should really go to that place some other time with my babygirls!  ' Here goes.

Before I fly to Turkey last week, my mum, my sis mok and myself agreed to do lil big bag and sweaters shops because we heard that the temperature in Bursa is quite cold, approximately 2 celcius whereas beautiful Istanbul around 0 to -4 celcius. All of us went to One Utama and like usual, my sis mok really love to step inside Mark & Spencer outlet because apparently most of her sizes are available and ouh, so do I LOL 

  That day, I wear my favorite makeup NATURACTOR product  The lighting looks good to capture some selfies and not to mention, the perfect time of sun makes my skin glow and flawless eventhough I'm not *sigh*

  After do some personal shops, my mum head up to one of her favorite restaurant, which is the famous, traditional, yummy MADAM KWAN! 

  The place is big and the people who serves us are also really nice. They took our orders quick and just check it on their tabs instead of using boring pen and paper to write on. After 10 minutes, our drinks came. Cucumber and mint mojito drink for my mum, ice tea for my sis mok and lemonade *fav* for me. I just loveee lemons!

  Penang char kuey teow is indicated that this is lunch for my sis mok. She added some black soy sauce with green chilies on top of it. Man, look back at the pic really make my stomach growl at this time T.T

  I gotta say that my mum dish is sooo delicious, and I almost forgot that I'm on diet that day LOL Salted fish fried rice in chinese style definitely wow my heart   The taste is yummy but hey, you guys should check my menu!

  Ginger beef Ladna Kuey teow! I lovee my food is so yummy and every bite I eat, I feel like my late father is sitting with us, having lunch because I used to go to Kelab Golf Perkhidmatan Awam (KGPA) with my mum and my lil sissy nyek aisya swimming while waiting for my dad to finish his game there. After finish his game, he will always bring us to eat this yummy food and sirap bandung cincau to complete the food combination. Oh man, I miss those days :( 

But what's the best part from Madam Kwan?

  Yeahhhhh, I'm talking about Banana fritters yaw! This dessert is like real famous when everyone having their lunch and dinners. What I discover that actually banana fritters is originated from Indonesia local dessert from my sis mok. Basically it's just gold, fried sweet banana with fluffy vanilla ice-cream in my opinion. but still, it's delicious to eat especially right now our weather (Malaysia) can be way too hot sometimes. This dessert totally recommended  

I give Madam Kwan 5 out of 5 stars. The service, the foods, the price all are goods! Come and check their Facebook out.


End of that day, I'm really happy because I managed to spent time with gorgeous womens in my family and of course, I grabbed sweatshirt from H&M and Fuchsia blouse from Classic Mark&Spencer. Love it! 

Okay, till then babydolls  

Lots of love,
Miss A :)