March 1, 2015

Hijabis work look X Fesyen wanita bertudung

Assalamualaikum, hey dearie!

  As you guys read from my previous post, which not soo long ago, I did mention that I'm going to do practical training for this short sem and eventually finish my third year student in IIUM. Frankly speak, I've already do some research about some of places that are quite familiar with huge names and wide known such as Petronas, Maybank, Ambank and Sime Darby whereas I also apply for other unfamiliar company names like Armanie, Muslim Organization Aid, Plastic copper house something, ZerPlastic.Co etc etc.  Yeah, I know what you think. I'm also like you guys when I got lucky responses that they want to hired me without proper procedures to work with them, total blur much ._.

  So, one of the problem besides working as an intern (in shaa ALLAH, soon) is to find an appropriate outfit. I mean, hello fashion alert much! In my opinion, wearing same, boring and traditional baju kurung can be quite dull because let's face it. who still have time, like every night ironing all the cloth while actually you can finish other tasks that much more important to do, am I right? *wink* 

  Hijabis work look a.k.a Fesyen wanita bertudung in bahasa may have transform beautiful women or girls out there to be more confident and at the same time very much trendy with variety choices of look and fabrics. So, in order to find the perfect cloth, Zalora Malaysia provide an amazing online shopping boutique which can feed your fashion cravings. One of the choices is work look for Hijabis!

The colors for all blouses provided  are very chic and suit for people who love casual look for their work outfit. Not to mention, All girls with hijab can match it with palazzo and long skirt.

Very feminine and at the same time, the length of blouses are acceptable and complete with Sharia' compliant requirements :)


This is one of my favorite LOL

Besides blouses, we can also find some online boutique brand like Zawara, Zalia, Byn, Gene Mortino, MANGO, Dorothy Perkins, First Lady, Hatta Dolmat and many more. I mean, come on! all the fashion we can get within our fingertips. Oh and if you guys still a big fan of traditional work outfit like baju kurung, why don't we improvise the look with elegant jumpsuit, modest Jubah and modern maxi dress. These babies can transform you from bubbly to classy!

I am deeply in love with this Jubah. It's full with simplicity and have it's own standard. Love it!

Sexy Jumpsuit for people who have high confidence to walk with lovely pair of heels.

Maxi dress is total must-have-in-closet people! Oh did I mention most of the price are affordable? Major love!

This is one of my favorite Jubah apart other Jubahsss available. All are brand new and like OMG shut up and take my money, I need it now T.T

However, sometimes the traditional baju kurung still wows many hijabis heart due to their cuteness and different style such as Pesak, cotton, modern and Pahang. There is nothing wrong donning baju kurung with pair of heels or sandals because that indicates our own basic dress to go to work. One fun fact:- I'm one of the many girls who think Baju kurung is still the best outfit to wear to go classes and in shaa ALLAH, maybe during internship too :3 

Sure these are pretty cute! But hey, sometimes you gotta change in order not to be out-dated with our rapidly change environment nowadays especially in term of fashion.  

Caftan is one of drop-dead-gorgeous piece and you sure don't wanna miss having one of it, babydolls!

Wanna know more details about fashion for Hijabis work look? Log on to www.zalora.com.my and sign up new account to get lotsaaa benefits and enjoy shopping!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)