March 22, 2015

Product review: Pobling Pore Sonic Cleanser

Assalamualaikum and hi lovely peeps!

I want to scream so loud until I lose my voice because I hit my midsem break for this week! wohhooo *clap clap* but I can't be that overly joy since right now I'm in the middle of having sore throat, high fever, dizzy and yes, asthma attack. I feel quite sad but at the same time, I feel grateful. Being sick is part of sin cleansing for Islamic teaching and make us to feel closer to our Creator by remembering and praying to Him every single day, especially during this time. Al-Hamdulillah, stay positive 

I'm always dreaming to have flawless face. Admit it, everyone want it right? But I know that without proper cleansing tool, our face still tends to breakout and pores popped out anyway. That is why, I'm aiming to get Clarisonic because it looks good and I heard good feedback regarding about that cleansing tool. However the price is damnnnn way too pricey and I end up feel want to cry when I saw the price and hold the box at SEPHORA outlet stores. So like yeah, in order to pursue my desire to get it, I turned to this!

Hey, you guys ever heard about Pobling Pore Sonic Cleanser? If you don't, you have to get this one right now because it is simply the most amazing pore cleansing tool I've used this month! So far the 'service' is really good and soothes my breakout skin!

The size is quite nice and great for travelling. The cleansing tool came with the white stand and also free 3AAA battery inside it. You guys can separate the middle part by twist it up to insert the battery. Of course, you don't have to charge it like any other electrical devices and no, you will not get any electric shock when you brush it against your skin :P

The packaging look from behind. I don't understand any words since it was from Korean product but thank you anyway for this marvelous product! Pobling cleanser save lotsaaa my money instead of buying expensive tools like Clarisonic LOLOLOL 

 This products are recommended for people who having skin problem as stated above. Sadly, I'm also one of the poor victim of having large pores and oily skin T__T but I have my Pobling cleanser to clean and protect my skin so I'm not worried at all.

You guys can see the difference of wash up our face manually vs using Pobling cleanser right! Check out those hideous foundation leftover on the orange if we are not cleanse our face properly. After having this Pobling, I start to wear less makeup to avoid any funny acne or rashes on my face. Gosh, I miss my flawless face when I'm in high school. LOLOL

Here the steps of using Pobling cleanser but I'm pretty sure everyone know how to use it. But! If you guys are using soap bar instead of facial foam that usually sell at the pharmacies, you should cleanse your face with the soap then you use Pobling cleanser to rub/brush it. This product also eco-friendly. You can either switch on the brush by pushing the middle button or cleanse it without using the battery and you have to brush a lil bit harder. Simple as ABC!

I've been using Pobling cleanser for around one weeks and I'm extremely happy with the result. So far I can feel my pores are getting smaller and my skin appearance seems to look more glowing and pinkish  I still have an acne problem, but it start to reduced lil by lil. Hey, small progression is better than none right? 

This product is great and I give 4/5 stars of it! Worth the price, worth with everything!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)