March 21, 2016

Boat Noodle kind of week

Hello my dear all 

My midsem break is here, is happening and I already have lotsaa planning for this week. I plan to go to malacca this week to celebrate my 24th birthday bash with my close babygirl( still in the middle of discussion), probably got an early birthday celebration from someone too (IDK what he gonna give me, boy I feel really nervous, LOL) and also try to shed down some fats by doing some outdoor activities. I have to because I wanna get healthy again. Yup.

But, I got to say that last week is full aboard with boat noodle fest! Yes, If you guys happens to love Thai street foods, boat noodle is one of the food that serves simple, but delicious slurrpppp at once! So, I got tonnes of dates from my friends to go here.

I totally recommend you guys to eat at either Sunway Putra or Publika. Both places serves the same taste anyway. 

Last week, on Tuesday I had lunch and wayang date with my sissy nyek Aisya. The regular choices we always pick during eating here definitely the Ice green tea! I love green tea soo much and I got hooked every time they serve. How cool is that! The steam bread with pandan coconut milk or also known as Sangkaya is another favorite too!

Next day, on thursday I also eat at BN with my sisters and on friday, voila! I eat again with my gemstones. Yes, finally syafiqah is there with us unfortunately zana wasn't there, so the group kinda incomplete without her since she's working and we're kinda not since I'm still student, same goes with zaza except for Piqah and Syaf. Love these munchkins very much!

And today, the first day of this week, I eat here with my babygirl Ekin. Yes, the piccas are been taken using her new handphone, OPPO if I'm not mistaken. LOL good job sistah!

I totally recommend you guys to eat here because the foods are really delicious, cheap, fast and for pretty feeds on IG, perhaps you guys can capture some memorable 'mangkuk bertingkat' after you done finish the foods. No, I didn't do that. Don't ask me, is just merely a suggestion LOL

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Lots of love,
Miss A :)