March 17, 2016

Just some lovely, yummy, lovely Garage 51 ♥

Assalamualaikum, Hello dearlings!

Okay, is it dearlings words even exist? T.T yeah, scratch that. Al-Hamdulillah, finally hitting my last week before midsem break start! I feel excited about it since I can do whatever I want and yeah, technically I got an offer to go for an education trip to Hong Kong, China but my luck against it. So maybe I can't go to two country this year. I really wanna go so badly, I just freaking love travelling :(

In order to reduce my sad and painful feeling, I decided to add up my dosage of happiness by going to another lovely hipster cafe/restaurant/place to chillax and have fun with my sisters. Yes, that's include my sis moks and sissy nyek losers Aisya. However, the luckiest babies to go and eat there for free are definitely myself and nyek Aisya because our brother-in-law being very generous to offer for the bills. So yeay!

So here, is the famous family/ must try dishes when you visit Garage 51 ♥ That day, I chose to indulge myself with the son, my sis mok chose the father, whereas sissy nyek chose the cousin. Oh, btw Garage 51 located near with International Sunway hostel/university and also Monash University if I'm not mistaken. It's took almost one hour to go there from our lovely mansion, ecececeh :P

See, told ya! Garage 51 also voted as best cafe award during year 2014. You sure not gonna miss the opportunity to go here, people!

Before we fill in our tummy with lotsaaa sugar rush, we pampered 'them' with neutral drink first LOL 

Wanna go and meet with the fam? drum roll please!

SWEET MOTHER OF GOD! this is totally the highlights of the dishes during that night. Yes, we go there at night, approximately at 8.15 something. I actually a big fan of Nutella, so that's why I'm ordering the son.

Three of them taste delicious, good and IMHO, I love the cousin most because the saltiness of the salted caramel mixed together with the chocolate ice blended. I don't favor the brownies part because it got sandwiched with whipped cream and I effin' hate that -.- But mine still taste good though.

The foods? Scroll down for more!

This is mine. Yes, it's really good and spicy. The name is spaghetti Oglio Olio with smoked salmon. My sis moks commented that the spaghetti is quite soggy but my taste buds seems fine with it. As long I can taste the spiciness of the Oglio, I'm okay with it LOL

This one ordered by my sis mok,  Beef Sirloin Spaghetti. I didn't taste her food because I'm too busy eating my own food T.T but my sis managed to finish it all, so I bet the taste is really worth with the price.

I love sooo much with my lil sis grilled salmon  The fish taste very refreshing and melting when you chew it, taste like a bit of heaven! Since I'm so full with my spaghetti, I didn't taste her food. But she said the food is very delicious, that's a good sign right?

Overall, I'm really excited because I can crossed out my wishlist to go and eat at Garage 51. Really happy with the foods, ambiances, and the lovely services from the workers. It's just that it's quite far from my home, so that's the only major drawback I can tell. 


Until next time, lovely people!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)