April 9, 2016

Sexy attack with Magnum

Assalamualaikum, hello sugar bunny munchkins!

To be freaking honest, I'mma big fan of Ice-cream, like literally any of brand from the most cheapest to the most expensive like hell. Unfortunately, my tongue is very *really?* expensive and picky because despite all those beautiful flavors and colors, I still opt with Cornetto and even pickier, Magnum! 

   I know that people have different kind of preference. Some of them might loving Haagen Daaz and Baskin Robbins but whatever, I love Magnum, anyway :3 So like, you guys already aware with the latest obsession regarding with Magnum flavor, the pink pomegranate and Black Espresso Major love for this babies but I'm not talking about it, I wanna invite you guys to try and taste the flavors of heaven in your mouth at Magnum Cafe, Mid Valley!

Here, are the piccas I took, like so yesterday because yeah, I went to Mid Valley for some blogger meeting with this amazing food apps company called ZOMATO. I will talk about this simple and easy to use, perhaps the most IMPORTANT apps for food lovers out there. Don't miss our date next time,love!

Big fan of this Magnum Art!

I love this part, where the cafe advertise their Magnum madness to attract all Magnum lover in Malaysia. It's a bundle of frames of step-by-step how you create your own Magnum 

My pick of the day, Cookie Monster Attack  (basically explain how I got that corny title LOL)

I also posted my review on ZOMATO, do check it out!

Magnum Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

 Did I mention ZOMATO provides all relevant information related with the particular restaurant or cafes? I love it. Magnum Cafe is  a cafe that definitely worth to try and perfect place to hang out with family and BFF to taste this amazing ice-cream. Well, it does work to me LOL

P/S: I will update more product reviews and especially about ZOMATO apps. Stay tuned

Lots of love,
Miss A :)