April 15, 2016

Product review: Rozita Che Wan's collections!

Assalamualaikum, hello babydolls!

I've done with my midterm and damn, I got a very hectic week starting next week. Presentation, video shooting, another midterm *gulp*, report, interview and yeah whatever. I need to finish all that ASAP before I'm flying off to Korea.

Since, I'll be visiting the country that is very particular about beauty and whiteningggggg, like seriously. EVERYONE WHO HAVE WHITE SKIN TONE CONSIDER VERY PRETTY! So, I am really glad I can review this product range from Rozita Che Wan, or people in Malaysia known her through her nickname, Che Ta. 

Introducing, from left to right: Gorgeous, Putih Ajaib and Precious! Al-Hamdulillah, I managed to grab her latest collections for these baby since Imma big fan of beauty product. Name it, people! I try most of them. It's just a matter whether it works on me or not. LOL 

Basically, Gorgeous and Precious is her perfumes and one of the best seller ever throughout her business.

Beautiful packaging, like a mix of gold on it. Don't you just love it! 

My favorite definitely Gorgeous rather than Precious because Gorgeous is much more sexy and smell so good, as good as international EDP out there. Oh yeah, both of them are EDP and proudly made in Malaysia. Don't worry about the quality product, it is all Halal product.

The bottle look classy eventhough it is actually plastic made. Only the top, not the bottle. The bottle are glassy and can be shattered if you drop it from high place. But main disadvantage of the lit is that, it's easily broken and popped out which is quite inconvenient for me to use it everyday. So, I'm more prefer using the perfume without the lit. LOL

This one, totally my favorite! I love the long-lasting fragrance and smell so good, it keeps my body feel fresh and sexy at the same time. Perfect for first night for married couple LOL *do it, people. It is proven by the seller who sold this to me :P*

Another amazing product, which is Putih Ajaib hand & Body whitening! This one is the best ever because the product claims you will have/earn/get fair and white hand and body within 7 days and it is proven! Combination of collagen and Vitamin E are great pair. 

For better result, I apply Putih Ajaib during night and it works magically done! I just love the smell too because it's inspires by Che Ta's first perfume collection, Precious. But IDK why I kinda feel so-so when I spray precious on my body. I think Imma lotion person. So, thank you Che Ta for the great invention for turning perfumes to lotion. Much more easier and non-sticky too. Major Love 

Price range:
Gorgeous: RM35.00
Precious: RM29.90
Putih Ajaib: RM 30 something.

Check out the different level of whiteness *whiteness?* between my face and my hand. Even I'm wearing inconsistently, I still managed to get instant result. How cool is that!
The total price I bought all of them is RM100. Much more easier rather than buying independently. I totally recommended this product for other beauty bloggers and beautiful people out there to try because it's really worth every penny. I definitely opt for Gorgeous and Putih Ajaib next time I re-purchase it. 

More to come, love.

Lots of love,
Miss A :)