April 15, 2016

Feel magical with Magic Jelly, Lovera

Assalamualaikum, hey beautiful people!

I'm trying my best to publish all my pending post before the battery running out LOL yes, I'm still using my sistah nyek lappy and she's very kind to always reach home without leaving her lappy in MMU, Cyberjaya. And she's very generous to lend me her belonging because I know she love her cute, beautiful sister very much  just so you know, it's le me that beautiful sistah :3

Enough with mumble, let's get started! Currently, I'm obsess and searching any kind of serum in any online shop or drug store. Reason why I opt with serum right now and reduce my consumption on collagen because I believe that serum also give beautiful, long lasting changes gradually to our face to make us look younger and achieve radiant face. A proper serum can either make or break you, so of course I choose the most organic and less chemical serum. Right now, I'm using Vitamin C Original fluid *which I will update later* and Magic Jelly from Lovera!

I received the parcel about a week ago for review purpose. So like, here the packaging product is.

So cute right! the packaging very decent look and have nice, firm lit on top of the bottle. As you guys can see, the brand named 'Lovera' with tagline Magic Jelly, Protect Repair and Enhance. I gotta say, yes they are not kidding with the result though. I love it. But let's see more what this magic baby can do.

The back appearance for Magic Jelly. As the Lovera claimed that this non-sticky, safe, soft and easy to use product rich with  four main ingredients that gives benefits for beauty and health which are Aloe Vera *yeay, love this one!*, Cucumber, Chamomile flower and Sengkuang.  Magic Jelly also provides 25 benefits in just one bottle. Check it out!

Some of the benefits such as:-
1) Reduce Acne
2) Reduce appearance of scars and enhance dull face.
3)Good for whole body, hair, skin, heal small cut and wound.
4) Help to heal cracked/chipped lips.
5) Good for Eczema, enhance the volume of eyebrow.
6) Great product usage for makeup
7) Reduce sunburns and many more....

You guys have to check their social medias for more information about Magic Jelly :) 

As you can see, the colorless fluid is so easy to apply on the face and I got to say, I just love the smell! It's so wonderful and gives soothing effect on my face when I'm using it. It's a lil bit breazy when you apply at first, but you get use to it, eventually. Besides Magic Jelly, the company also produced another product, which is Lovera complete cleanser. The most essential element for the cleanser is Habbatus Sauda. I can't wait to try that, if I get the chance in future. It's stated on the flyer I got but I haven't try that one yet. 

My opinion about this product?

This is actually my face, without any makeup. Just Johnson baby talcum and good sunlight. Yeap, I used Magic Jelly for about one week and I totally can see the different on my face. My pores getting better and it does give glowing effect on face. My scars? I don't quite see the different very much because maybe I only use it for one week. But it's definitely getting better, that's for sure. However, glowing effect totally the one thing I love most about Magic Jelly 

This one, without good light LOL but as you can see, my makeup look really glow when I used Magic Jelly. This product is really magical! Just freaking love it 

For more information, log on to their website and Instagram. You can find lots of testimonials and feedbacks about Magic Jelly. 


I will update more. Stay tuned, dearest.

Lots of love,
Miss A :)