September 15, 2016

Wechat X WePrint ♥

Assalamualaikum, hello loves one!

Yes, I just started to feel all pumps out with going to gym thingy and focusing on more towards healthy life even I sometimes kinda miss out the rules (Yup, eat during midnight is totally a lame and not cool to do when you are trying to cut those stubborn fats FML) I really hopes that I can lose some weights before my annoying bro's solemnization. Goodluck dearself!

So, when it comes to upcoming wedding, of course we gonna snaps lotsaaa pics using our , idk smartphones, cameras, DSLR, videossss (I KNOW, CRAZY RIGHT) And those actions leads to problems for our phone. Yeah, for this entry, I'm just gonna emphasize on the smartphone. Our smartphone tends to get hang and lagged out due to enormous storage of photo keeping. However, we can totally turn this around! Since smartphones has been our daily life drug, why don't you transforms those sweet memories you captures everyday into real, tiny and beautiful photo frames! I know sometimes Polaroid film quite expensive, but using WePrint will help solve this problem!

Amazing isn't it?  WePrint basically is a high quality instant photo printing machine connected via WeChat Apps and has been gaining popularity in exhibitions and roadshows since it was brought into Malaysia in 2015. Previously, I never heard about WePrint because I'm not using WeChat as my prior social communication but since I got the product, I think I need to consider downloading this app just for the printing purpose. LOL

WePrint have already seen it in some of the major shopping malls or exhibitions and have created some awareness in hundreds of roadshows, having thousands of followers on Wechat by just printing thousands copies of photos in any one event. How cool is that! I believe that WePrint were designed to help advertisers to recruit WeChat followers through on-ground events and activities and catering to the needs of different businesses, so then they can sold to retail outlets the machines to entertain their guests, provided rental or leasing services to event management companies, charged advertising fees to different advertisers.

I'mma huge fan of this picture, and also loving the material use for when creating this baby. Super in love with the tidiness and smooth the picture are. This is the photo machine WePrint use when printing those amazing photo machine!

How to use WePrint service? It's really easy, just follow the steps.

1. Open WeChat app on your smartphone
2. Scan the QR code shown on the machine
3. Upload selected photo from your phone
4. Insert the ID code shown on screen. 
5. A high quality hard copy will be printed in just 60 seconds!

Here also a sneak peek of video for WePrint too! 

WePrint is an ideal choice for private event and company functions because it helps attracting people from all walks of life to print their favorite photos onto different material, including photo paper, magnetic paper, button badge and phone casing. I'm totally gonna grab this opportunity when I'm planning for private birthday celebration next time. Yup!

Not only that, WePrint are been recognized for long term basis events commitment in One Utama, Neway, Celcom, GSC, Acson, Revlon, Klang valley and other states. These are some of the amazing pictures using WePrint and I also got mine!

I got my favorite picture on photo frame and button badges. Thank you, WePrint and Liberty Printing for the lovely gifts!

Oh wait, you guys don't think I forgot about their latest promotion, do you *smirk*

For all Belongs To Miss A darlings, you are entitle to use le code below when you guys purchase by using Wechat Apps and scanning the QR Code.

"What can we print for you? Free instant high quality photos!"

For more information, check out Liberty Printing for more deets about WePrint.


Liberty Printing Sdn. Bhd. (1080784-T)
ADDRESS: 6, 6A & 6B, Jalan Harmoni 1A/KU3, Kristal Klang Commercial Centre, 42100 Klang, Selangor.
CONTACT NO: 019-985 8151 (Elaine)
EMAIL (Ordering): order@libertyprinting.com.my
BUSINESS HOURS: Monday to Saturday (9am to 6pm)

Lots of love,
Miss A :)