September 8, 2016

LAZADA Fashion Big brand sale is soooo ON!

Hello, Assalamualaikum lovelies!

Today is one of the happiest day in my life because my mum turn 55 and yeayy, our siblings got lil surprise too from my mum. Thank you mum for the fun stuff, and I can't wait to receive another fun stuff later during this upcoming Adha Eid. In shaa ALLAH. May ALLAH bless my beautiful mum with enormous love and long life of healthy/happiness   

Speaking about Adha Eid, I know all ladies MUST at least acquire one outfit to don during that day and Al-Hamdulillah, I got mine too! All bless from LAZADA MALAYSIA   

I got the products on Tuesday and I can't wait to try on this cutie dress. Wanna see some sneak peak of the dress?

I got the dress brand of Belle Labelle, one of the sensational and new brand that emphasize on Muslimah wear especially on fancy abaya, dresses and scarf from LAZADA MALAYSIA. Belle LaBelle is one of the new brand that as good as Bella Ammara, Leeyana Rahman and Benang Hijau. Yes, this brand is in same level with those hot brand that very famous among Malaysian ladies out there. Not to mention, the price is also affordable and you can get it by posting or COD. Cash On Delivery is the best because you straightly get the product hassle free and you can detect problem on the spot. Nevertheless,you guys can click the link for better selection of choosing one of Belle LaBelle to be your favorite during Eid Adha. It won't disappoint ya! Click on the banner for more.

Bellle La Belle Petunia Kaftan in Turqoise is my favorite because the material is really beautiful and flowy like princess (CLICK HERE) to purchase!
 BELLE LA BELLE, Total Amor   

  Based on my previous experience with LAZADA MALAYSIA, I believe that the this online website provide only the original and authentic products from any famous brand, especially the expensive one such as PUMA, NIKE, RAY BAN, XIXILI, LEVI'S, CARLO RINO and many more! What I love most is that the website complete with everything to cater customer demands. I mean, hello all kind of range from under garment, Accessories, Gadget, Women and Men Apparel are in one click. How cool is that! Not only that, LAZADA MALAYSIA deals directly with brand principal, therefore all the price is much lower compared to other website you browse on. Some of the brands such as Jovian Mandagie is exclusively sell on LAZADA and you cannot get that by any physical boutique. Wow! 

Due to the non-stop of loves and support from LAZADA's fan (including me, LOL), their website currently held a big  fashion brand sale. A great deal with lots of sale from 20%-80% off.   

This crazy fashion big brand sales start from 5th to 11th September and guys, don't miss out this opportunity to shop until you drop! However, if you miss this crazy big brand sale, you can always shop during Malaysia Day sale which is starting from 1st until 16th September 2016. Brace yourself because these massive deal is gonna blow you away. Okay, I kinda need to buy everything from LAZADA MALAYSIA right now. Bye!

Wait! before that, here are special gift I wanna give to my precious readers. Click on these piccas to get discount when you make any purchases for Fashion big brand sale and also Malaysia Day sale.

Yes, you're very welcome!  For more information, Log on to:


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Lots of love, Miss A :)