February 22, 2017

Swarovski Zirconia X C88 Premier

 Hello, good day and Assalamualaikum my dear!

Finally, I got some time to catch to update my latest post. Sorry for being late, peeps since I’m quite busy handling lots of work in office after CNY. But I got to say, my trip to Koh Li Pe and Hat Yai Thailand has been blessed. Whats more, I managed to scratch one of my wish list in 2017: Snorkeling in beautiful ocean. Yes, after 24 years later, I got that kind of experience since my mother very protective over her beautiful daughters LOL

Holiday in Thailand such a bliss, but the next write up is even better. Especially if you’re huge fan of Swarovski 

So, here some fun facts about Hup Weng Lee Jewellery Trading:-

Founded in the year 1988 and since then been carrying and maintaining the brand CAP88, until in year 2009, where the company renamed as HWL Jewellery Trading Sdn Bhd and change from CAP88 to C88.

In year 2017, HWL went big when they into co-branding collaboration with Swarovski Gemstones, the one and only international company produce beautiful and highest standard gemstones. 

As you guys can see from the picture I captured, C88 unique selling point is when it comes to strict quality control in manufacturing process and also diamond- standard quality craftsmanship. Each jewelries are in special care due to complexity and long hours to complete, not only that, each prongs are carefully crafter with silky smooth and polished surface compared to the usual diamond. Besides that, C88 premier always enhancing new technology on machines to ensure continues improvement and innovation when deals with their products.

This one is my favorite because we get experience to discover the diamonds thoroughly using the microscope available there and hello to all Swarovski Zirconia! The name itself is beautiful as the creation, because Zirconia is a stone that use widely in the world due to amazing characteristic of durable and resistant, and just perfect for casual everyday wear. 

Zirconia diamond is unique because Swarovski only pick the highest quality Zirconia and cut for perfect proportion. Zirconia diamond is very similar to pure diamond when it comes to brilliance, refraction and durability. How cool is that! Each Swarovski Zirconia is marked with laser engraved to maintain authenticity and symbol of origin to the naked eye.

Personally, I think C88’s Premier getting lots of advantages when they collaborated with Swarovski (and also in future) because both company when combined together, it create perfection and both brands aim to produce only the best and highest diamond quality. Since Zirconia is one of Swarovski new baby, we also get to know more details about Zirconia too, oh and also goodie bag full with Swarovski and Zirconia diamond. Thank you for the opportunity!

Thank you to BeezMall too for letting us to have some fun posing and got Polaroid pictures for free. The event finished with delicious lunch buffet from Istana Hotel. 


Lots of love,
Miss A :)