February 15, 2017


Hello, Assalamualaikum loves!

OMG, this month I haven’t got time to update my precious bloggie due to heavy workload and also events. I love attending events, but sometimes I’m struggling to find perfect time to update the event in further details. I uploaded mostly in my Facebook page and Instagram because that’s much more quicker tools to spread loves about the products that I got recently and some of them are even the bomb ass products ever! So, this blogpost just for a quick shoutout to most of the items I got and really love their services too. Scroll down for more!

This one I got as my anniversary present from my sayang ♥ Actually, I’ve aiming this baby for longggg time! You guys definitely know about Anastasia Beverly Hills and Huda Beauty brand right?

Urghhh, please don’t lie to me if you not falls in love with the packaging! So velvety and purple, which is a must have Eyeshadow palette for every girls who loves makeup. Currently, I’m in love with all sort of products that related with eyes, therefore voila! I managed to obtained from my sayang as surprise gift even he doesn’t even know how to surprise me LOL whatever, I love it sayang. Thank you for your understanding towards my passion with makeup.

Next one, Kylie Cosmetics madness! Yesssss! I know most of peeps already heard about beautiful Kylie makeup especially their lipkits and also the product can almost get in everywhere (if you buy the fake one) but thank goodness, my Kylie Cosmetics collection is all original and authentic from USA.

 Royal Peach Palette is my absolute favorite because it’s so fuckin’ huge and very cute! I also get the Bronze palette, Burgundy palette and Holiday Edition 2016 palette. What an eye candy♥ Did I mention Huda beauty? LOL I also get it from the same Instagram owner. She’s very friendly and her services of treating customers are nice too! You guys gonna love Huda Beauty Rose Gold Eye shadow palette like I do, because this one is also pretty and slay AF!

Another new makeup item is from Elianto Malaysia. I find it really economical and fresh idea for Elianto to create the Trio Combination consists of Eyeshadow, Blusher and lip gloss. The choices of colors are perfect for everyday use, and gotta love their blusher! So cute 

I got Canmake Malaysia product too after attending Butterfly Christmas Party last year on 25th December and loving the packaging. I feel somekind of anime vibes towards the product because it’s cute and look at the compact powder! Fake golden with mirror, roses blush for cheeks, totally remind me of Sailormoon LOL

 Nita Cosmetics is new baby lip matte that hit makeup town recently and thank you for giving me an opportunity to try one of their shades, Saree. The  names of each lip matte are traditional, which is stick with the Malaysia garments culture. So I got Saree, I need to unleash the fun, vibrant and colorful look when applying Saree. You guys can get one for your love one at Fashion Valet website too.

Loving the fushcia and purple for Saree! I will grab more colors from Nita Cosmetic soon 

New updates regarding with latest skincare from Zafea Cosmetics, but will disclose soon because I haven’t try yet. But will definitely update later, stay tuned guys!

I also love having full range of body care that only emphasize on organics ingredients because our body in our identity. Experience dry skin will definitely a big No since Dry skin indicates you’re aging too fast T.T So, thanks to Fresh Shop Malaysia, I also got the products and their latest baby is Ocean Salt Scrub. Each scrub contains 700 ML and can be use up to 2 months plus. Thank you for the opportunity loves!

New and limited edition Lip gloss, where Dato Siti NurHaliza X AirAsia collection is here! I already review this on my Instagram Insta Story and I don’t intend to review more deets in blog because basically it’s only a lip gloss. I am not a big fan of Gloss since I’m more into Matte lipstick. But the colors nice, though. OKAY lahh..

Yeay, all five of Asyallie scarves, gotta love the box because it’s so cute and feeling princessy when I got the parcel. Loving the materials of each scarf, the quality and design, on top of that, the colors so soft and feminine. Thank you!

Thank you for believing my humble bloggie and me. Here are the few Instagrams name if you want the products.

P/S: All photos credit to my INSTAGRAM (Follow for more updates of next event, loves!) Will update more in details later. Stay tuned!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)