February 27, 2017

HYO-SUN Korean Fried Chicken ♥

Hi loves, Assalamualaikum :)

No BS, straight to the point because I feel really hungry now and when I’m writing this entry, I wanna go and grab chicken right now!

So, what’s your favorite food? Your favorite protein? If you ask any Malaysian or IDK, maybe everyone around you regardless races or what, I’m definitely think,wait no. Not think, but confirm most of the answer will reply CHICKEN! IKR, every part of chicken is so yummy and can be cook in many kind of style. Kurma, Masak Merah, Masak Kicap, and even taste good by only fried. I think that’s the reason why many Malaysian experience Obesity at very young age LOL But hell with that, Like any other peeps, I’m also in love with chicken. But today I wanna introduce the latest and new chicken restaurant proudly by Hyo-Sun Chicken!

In my opinion, I think Chicken is like the basic protein people opt due to convenience and excellent to eat well with family. Hyo-Sun Korean Home made chicken emphasizes as much as they want when the owner come out with the restaurant concept. You feel homey and enjoy eating when share with the one you love.

Hyo-Sun Korean chicken got 3 kind of flavors, The Crispy Chicken, Honey glaze Chicken and also Spicy Chicken. 

I don't quite liking Calamari's dish because it's too salty for me. Not trying to gain my BP to max, though -.-

Look at that sexy dishes. LOL I know in the picture looks normal and basic noob for me to capture typical food pose on IG but I promise, the taste is really delicious! The restaurant also serve us with many Korea Dumpling, Korea Pancake and my ultimate favorite is…

TARAA! This one  Chicken fillet coated with rice cracker and fry at perfection! What a dope ass dish, I tell ya!

In Hyo-Sun, they also serve unlimited rice as an option in their combos and as matter orf respect, Hyo-Sun is PORK and ALCOHOL Free. All its ingredients are obtained from suppliers with valid HALAL certification.

I really want to eat this one right now LOL 

One of their best-selling combos at the moment is the Unlimited Rice Korean Honey Chicken Combo (RM9.90) which is only available during the weekdays.They also have value for money combos for lunch and dinner, which also features their staple ‘Unlimited Rice’ policy. Thank you Hyo-Sun for having me!

For more details, log on to:-


Or just book manually at:-

TELEPHONE NO: at 016-3321448.
ADDRESS: Lot No. 152A, First Floor, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Lots of love,
Miss  :)