April 10, 2017

Bombshellbeaute X Secret Seduction

Hello and good day, loves! Assalamualaikum :)

I know that it is still early to celebrate upcoming weekend, but I am excited and can’t wait to meet Saturday and Sunday. I got tones of fun stuff to do with my friends and yezzzaaa with my love too. Since I’m a lil bit late to update my next entry, I won’t waste any more time, let’s do  some beauty review, shall we?

I know, it’s been ages I didn’t do beauty review, but OMG peeps! These baby, oh what I’m going to write is like Holy Grail for all women out there to try and experience by yourself. I mean, the product review is based on what I feel right now and I pretty sure some of my friends notice that kind of changes too LOL (yes, even my love double LOL)  I know, like right now in any beauty market there are tones of products that help to emphasize and enhance the beauty of you inside out and I kinda cool with that although some of the product can be very ‘geli’ to know especially when the founder come out with cheesy tagline, cheesy name but fret not! This one is the bomb. Just like the name, BombshellBeaute 

Check this baby out peeps! Can you feel the love and excitement when you received this kind of happiness for your main girls (Woot woot!) Introducing, BombshellBeaute, one of he hottest product that I try and yes, you can feel the difference within 2-3 weeks (depends on every female body, though)  At first when I had this, I love the cute, sphere packaging that imitates every breast goal that girls always want. Who doesn’t want a perfect, full cup boobs? If you ask me, yeah I do!

The jar contains some of the mixed between traditional and modern extract with lil tiny instruction for boobies enhancement. But, if you’re lazy to do the exercise (like me -.-) you just have to apply this baby twice a day, morning and night. Well, my routine every night will be  just scooping my finger into le jar and spread evenly on the intimate area. The smells really nice and it does absorb instantly without feelin’ any sticky.  Oh another magic BombshellBeaute cover are reducing stretch mark lines and enhancing boobs & bosom.  But I rarely put on my ass though, because I already have great ass LOL kidding! 

I already use the first jar for about 6 months and to my surprise, it still didn’t finish. How great is that! RM69.00 retail price worth for everlasting happiness of a lifetime  

Another thing is that, if you only care for your lady part, why don’t you give same amount of love for both  I also got new product called ‘Secret Seduction’, purely organic and smells very strawberry-ish 2 months ago. I still using first bottle though. What can I say, the product really is something I am proud to give review in my precious blog. I’m not kidding. It’s really work well for all girls out there that having problems when it comes to your V-part. I know it’s super sensitive, but we don’t have to be ashamed of it.You will using it for long timeeee until you get old. So, always care your body, baby :)

Both product have same volume, which is 30ML for each. I believe this two is perfect combo for you if you're in preparation for getting marry and idk,maybe it can be a surprise for your precious love one (if you know what I mean)

Click link below for more information.


Both Item can be bought from Bombshellbeaute Founder's IG. Go and take a look!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)