April 22, 2017

KORNNA, my new love

Assalamualaikum, hello my dear :)

Al-Hamdullillah, I finally got some time to spare to continue write up my blog for next update regarding with new and chic shoes line!

Introducing, KORNNA.

Since I don't wanna waste so much blabbering about my other unimportant stuff (LOL) Kornna basically KORNNA is the new icon of casual footwear for the young and young at heart. Every color and style is born from the passion of KORNNA designers to express personality, mood and attitude of a person and what's more, they came up with tagline, 

‘Making Feet, Hip & Happy.’

 KORNNA target niche will be more for youngster out there who just love embracing simplicity in daily life. Well, since I'm 25, so I still consider very young to try and get one of those cute and simple shoes! 

Besides that, I believe KORNNA production focus on making the shoes with superior EVA compound that rivals some of the most renowned casual shoemakers in the world and giving your feet a surreal feel of ultra lightness, softness and comfort that put a spring in your step. This one is so true because when I first time trying this baby out, it's really easy to slip inside and feels kinda bouncy about it LOL  With a price tag that fits people budget who loves CHEAP and Reasonable price demand, it is no surprise that KORNNA is now easily seen in the stores and streets of Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and soon around the globe. Cool aite!

As my previous post regarding with cool promo for KORNNA, the store located exclusively in Parkson, MyTown Shopping Center has come out with 2-day promotion:

1. First 30 customers, purchase Kornna Sunglass (worth RM129) with RM9.90 only

2. Buy 1 Free 1 on all items

So, as a new crush for KORNNA, I received pair of KORNNA shoes and I also got the sunglasses in pink color. OMG, it's so cute and I think these combo would be really perfect to came out as beach babe. 

Urghh, really need new vacay right now!

my next new love, KORNNA :) for more information, Click link below:-


P/S: Sorry for late post. 

Lots of love,
Miss A :)