August 23, 2017

Feelin' all Barbie with Scrub District ❤

Hello, Assalamualaikum my loves!

I am extremely in happy mood because I just got back from visiting my one and only baby niece. Yes! now I'm officially a great Mama Meem to Iris Rumaysa for two months now! My sister delivered Iris on 1st June and It was nut! I mean, even our family is not prepared with Iris 'sudden' appearance because le doctor mentioned to her that Iris will delivered after Eid, but anything can happen and you just CANNOT predict God's plan. How kewll is that and I mean, literally 

So yeah, since I already been promoted from sister to auntie *eewww* I'm not gonna let that nickname take all my youth and feel old out of sudden. But at same time, I feel like I wanna be the kewl, fabulous auntie that Iris Rumaysa know throughout her life. And this fancy auntie will always gonna keep that precious face young and sexy and fair too. So yeah, another alternative to have beautiful, fair skin is to always scrub. Is scrubbing good for you skin? Damn right you are! especially if it's from Scrub District!

OMGGGGG loves! I'm dying to update about this product review since like, ages! When I first bought Scrub District, it were during Mood Republic and I never ever regret try it. It is definitely one of the best Scrub I tried so far and still remain as my top list. I'm not gonna be like some of social influencer that kissin' ass regarding how good is the product just to please her owner, but I reviewed and tried this baby almost 2 months now and I'm in love! It does works with my sensitive skin and the smell? Say Hello to Apricot essence please!

I just hate my lighting when these baby were captured, it looks Meh -.- but yeah, whatever I love the product very much,  though.

What I love most about this scrub? It is formulated in Korea and made with love using brown sugar, rock salt and concentrated whitening ingredients (which is really work with my skin, I just love having healthy and glow skin) that highly approved with KKM. Another reason I'm sucker for Scrub District is the beautiful packaging. The first version Fazukafli, the owner created are in 3 colors, Brown, pink and blue. The second version is London Vibe and the third version regarding with Tropical love. As you can see, I got 1 from London vibe and 2 Tropical love. 

Anywhooooo, the scrub is all packed nicely with same weight 350GM each and the color is sparkly yellow. LOL even the scrub is very fancy just like the owner, literally so fetch!

Urghh, can you notttt fallin' in love with them? LOL

The only problem I found with the product, is that the product didn't come with specific spoon/bowl or whatever to scoop out the scrub, we need to dig slowly and just roughly measured how thick we can take for every scrub session. But others seems working nice LOL I scrub my face during night, Well, every night since we all know during night is the perfect way for our skin to rejuvenate and feel all fresh for next morning. So, never skip scrubbing in your beauty routine :)

Overall look for Scrub District's scrub. 

IMHO, I totally recommend for people out there to give Scrub District a try because not only it works for trouble skin (especially prone acne skin/sensitive) it is also affordable too, roughly around RM60 and lasts for 2 months. My skin definitely feel a lot better when I use this and who knows, maybe we all can get le dream for every girls to have flawless, Barbie pink skin despite we all using heavy makeup to cover our imperfections. How tragic our life is *sobs* but I think, if we have our beauty skincare guidance and we follow diligently, we still able to get our dream skin. Reality check, It is very important for everyone to at least scrub your face twice a week to exfoliate those dead skin. Who wanna keep those anyway??!! T_T 

For more information and purchase, click link below :-


Scrubbin' is my favorite part every time I cleanse my face when I got back from work. Really love it!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)