August 22, 2017

So much ❤ with ENCHANTEUR Stunning Collection

Hello loves, Assalamualaikum 

Yeay, now I'm officially being less lazy to update my blog besides facing le laptop during work. Man, now I know what it feels to be grown up, have to earn money, got some commitment (and more soon, in shaa ALLAH  ), being total zombie LOL  Growing up can be sucks sometimes because mainly you need to make lots of decision that not only benefit yourself, but people around you too. And yeah, I am still le lazy bone but I try to reduce my biggest/heaviest (besides my weight -.-) attitude because I feel like I have to change. Not drastically, but surely moves much better compared to before. Being grown up can be such a pain in ass, but one thing for sure, you can always doll up as much as you can and be super cool with it because, it match with your current age now, duhhh!

One thing that I aware with myself when I reach 25, I personally loves anything related with makeup and also good fragrance. I am beginning to become a big hoarder for both and when PR Salina & Associates sent me a beautiful peachy soft-velvety box, I die for like few seconds before I can catch some air to breath. How over-actin' I am!

This box, is the bomb and perfect for gift to someone you love especially girls/mom or whatever because it got almost entire collection consist of Perfume, Perfume lotion, Talcum, deodorant and Body mist that will definitely lift up their mood when they received these baby, or yeah maybe you can give to yourself a nice gift for yourself, I mean you gotta love yourself aite :P

Since ENCHANTEUR is one of my favorite go-to when attending work or just wandering around the house, I will always opt using ENCHANTEUR perfumes regardless any type but I know I will always love Belle Amour and Limited Edition, Magique. I think it is common for every women to feel extra and attractive when spraying perfume, because it shows the power to accentuate and create subtle yet irresistible aura surrounds you. Oh yes!

 ENCHANTEUR is widely known with their French inspired fine fragrances,  and this is another new fragrance, called Stunning! OMG, even I am freakishly shook with the scent, it's literally one of the nicest smell that infused with Turkish Rose, Magnolia, and blends some sweetness from Blackcurrant Bud, Raspberry with lil bit sultry headiness of Sandalwood. If you loves anything related with roses, floral kind of scents, try and get this one too for your collection. Not only affordable, the packaging looks super luxurious. I try Stunning perfume twice and I already in love with it. So much love & yeay!

I'm gonna list down all the price include GST for your reference!

ENCHANTEUR Eau De Toilette fragrance- Stunning RM28.20
ENCHANTEUR Lotion comes in various pack and price from RM5.40-RM17.60
ENCHANTEUR Deodorant also comes in stick, roll-on and spray, price from RM4.90-RM8.40
ENCHANTEUR Talcum- RM4.40-RM11.80

 For more information about ENCHANTEUR, Click link below!


Lots of love,
Miss A :)