November 1, 2017

So much ❤ with ENCHANTEUR Petite Parfum

Hello and Assalamulaikum :)

As I’m still not over myself indulging and experience with local makeup that I got from WomenFest 2017, I have been pamper with another product that came in mail today and OMG, this baby is just wayyyy to perfect for me. Yes, I do admit sometimes when I travel I tend to bring any kind of product in liquid form that over 100ML and Yes, I also aware that Flight policy restrict their passengers to bring heavy liquid form in cabin. Why I say it is perfect? Because it’s packed in small paper bag, and Voila! Your eyes will be amaze with the cute petite perfume, proudly new product from Enchanteur Malaysia. Well, no surprise there for this brand when it comes to create beautiful scent-sational made special for girls :)

Thank you PR Salina & Associates for the gift and I just love it! Okay loves, get real now! we all love good scents and feel amaze throughout the day right?  So, due to high demand and common known by every company, Enchanteur Malaysia also did not miss the facts that, women (especially me, LOL) do bring along a bottle of body mist or even an EDT bottle to touch up their scents and I am glad that the brand introduces new purse-friendly roll on perfume and discreet in 9ml slim packs.

Collaborating with French perfumers, Enchanteur help translates the personification to capture the essence of every girls that adorn outstanding appearance. Launched in four designer scents, there are two bestseller scents from the Enchanteur Paris range, which are Belle Amour and Adore. And yes, you guys can say Bonjour to le new babies in da house, which are Cheri and Jolie! Another great thing I found about this special launch is that the formula are expect to be alcohol-free and convenience for Muslims to perform prayer without any hassle/doubtful with the ingredients and also oil-based to emphasize long-lasting effect.

Moreover, with this new invention of roll-on petite perfume, it helps minimize le time to get ready and have fun with love one. And like I said, previously that it is sooo airplane friendly due to compact and cute bottle that designed to mimic a lipstick size. Auwww, cutie patotie! Look at ‘em! I already try each scents on my hand and I favor the new launch scents more! I really think it is indeed the best because it is inspired by floral of current global trend. Hey, here some brief about the petite perfume info.

Jolie (Lovely) *NEW*
The endearing blend of Pear, Rose and Honey matches the down-to-earth girl who enjoys casual outings with friends or that special someone. A soft, floral scent that is perfect for that serene day out to enjoy each other’s company, the denim blue packaging ensures you will be the apple of his eye.

Cheri (Darling)  *NEW*
For the young at heart we present a delectable, sweet scent that is sure to keep you smiling throughout the day. For the girl who is always bringing joy to those around her, a delectable scent of Apple, Cherry Blossom and Vanilla ensures that you will steal hearts and always be the center of attention.

Belle Amour (Beautiful Love) *BEST SELLER*
The pink packaging is reminiscent of a sweet girl on her first special date while the loving blend of Apple Melon,Blackcurrant and Parisian Pink Rose suits a romantic and demure personality. Belle Amour allows you to capture each moment with your special someone and remain his amour forever.

 Adore (Adorable) *BEST SELLER*
This signature fragrance sparks excitement, confidence and endless charm. The purple packaging containing the sensual scent of Wild Jasmine,Pink Mimosa and Golden Pear sparks the elegant, graceful and adorable girl vibe on a romantic night out. Leave a lasting impression on your date and fill his heart with adoration for you.

You guys can get it individually, or just grab ‘em all with RM9.90 inclusive GST at each in West Malaysia and RM10.40 in East Malaysia. Enchanteur Petite Perfume is available at all Drugstores all around Malaysia. Yeay!

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Lots of love,

Miss A :)