January 21, 2018

Keep it glow with SKINGOLD

Hello my loves, Assalamualaikum :)

Okay, it's been like already 21st day of January 2018, and how your beautiful life goes so far, my loves? if you ask me, LOL of course I'm gonna spill some yeay news because I'm totally excited to celebrate beautiful 'Aqiqah' ceremony for my beautiful precious babies because yes, I'm their vogue and the most awesome Mama Meem that they gonna love me extremely much and! I just couldn't wait to fly to Japan this upcoming February. I really hope everything goes well and maybe I can VLOG about that too (LOL, if VLOG can be done only edit by using Iphone? and on top of it, Iphone 5C? not so sure errr) I don't feel like I wanna update what I go and whatsoever in le blog since I keep on promising about the place that I go and I wanna blog about it, but turns out I got completely distracted. So yeahhh... errr

That's why I think VLOG will be so nice :) Yep, totally wanna experience doin' VLOG! 

Speaking about wanna fly to the most beautiful and super harmonious country, my second home, I'm planning to to do makeup challenge there! Wadehel I mean by that? Well, since if you guys follow me on INSTAGRAM (click icon above) I'm an extremely into makeup and I buy tonnes of makeup, (welp, some of it I got for free) I tend to do lots of bold,intense and nude makeup and I posted it every week. But, I'm plan to go subtle, minimal look during my upcoming vacay because I believe the weather quite cold and I really don't wanna my skin to look dry. I'm gonna keep it moisturize and look healthy inside out too! I happened to came across with amazing home made/natural product called SKINGOLD!

The box and super cute bottle of SKINGOLD! First of all, I never heard about this product before until I entered one of BOMBSHELLBEAUTE contest and I'm one of lucky sumbitches that scored  19 products in beautiful box packed with all beauty stuff including this baby! I tried some of the product, so I'mma bit late with this one but one day, I simply wanna try this product and the result is super blessed! I immediately falling in love!

SKINGOLD first product is Golden Turmeric Mask, and next baby is Glow Green Mask. Personally, I'm more into with Golden Turmeric because it is indeed their best selling product. You can just mixed the powder mask using honey, plain water, or yogurt too.The process of making the clay into paste is like taking 5 minutes, and then you gotta wait (up to your preference) to wash and sleep like a baby throughout the night :)

Basically, the Golden Turmeric mask focus on clearing skin, oil control, promotes anti-ageing too! whereas for the Green glow mask more focus on calm redness, cures acne  and clear skin. I personally think that,Turmeric and Green tea are good raw ingredients when it comes to heal skin in natural way. If you guys happen to hate all chemical stuff etc, try this mask and you definitely hooked! I guaranteed of it!

Actually, during the first time winning the contest, the bottle of this mask is different and I like that version better compared to the latest one. But welp, IDK why the owner change it to different bottle. Hmmm *thinking hard* LOL

Next product from SKINGOLD, is body scrub! I mean, duhhh you gotta complete to scrub your whole body too right?

SKINGOLD Body scrub came with three different flavors and I managed to grab two of 'em which are Cotton Candy and Bubble Gum. Each body scrub has different scents too. And excuse me, look at the colors! Can you not!

I am amaze with the color combination and the scents, it's really smells so good BUT! the only problem I found with these baby is that, it is SUPER HARD to rub around the body and it does not cover a lot for whole body. The textures is all really sticky and leaves oil stain on le body, which I'm not happy about it :( I thought SKINGOLD second baby gonna be amazing like the first product, but yeah, maybe I put too much high expectation for the next product. I really hope the Owner of SKINGOLD will improve the textures so then, it's gonna be sooooo easy to rub all over le body. Please don't take it as negative comment, I just expressing my opinion about SKINGOLD Body scrub that's all LOL

MASK is super YEAY! Body scrub is super NAY!

RM39 (for mask)
RM45 (for body scrub)

Here some fresh face of le mine after using Golden Mask. Please excuse the un-trimmed brows LOL


You guys can get this babies at link below:-


Lots of love,
Miss A :)