February 18, 2018

Iris & Jack Aqiqah ceremony

Hello loves, Assalamualaikum, what's up!

OMG, I just returned from one and only beautiful country, which is JAPAN ///_/// and it's damn amazing! I know I can be quite lazy to update my blog, whats more vlog LOL but I will try my hardest to update my trip to Japan as soon as possible. Please bare with my slow and lazy writing.

Well, based on le title of this entry, Al-Hamdulillah, our family finally finish celebrating 'Aqiqah' ceremony for my beautiful children, Iris Gretchen and Jack Pail (yes, it's not their true name, and please don't be so naive/negative with the names I called my babies) before le fam flew over to Japan. So here, some quickies about the 'event' of joy and happiness to welcome them, moreover Iris and Pail is like, 6 months apart from each other and I can't wait to have mine soon, so then I can bully my baby and yes, I will let Iris and Pail to do the same because compared to my bro and sissy nyek aisya, I love to tease them more often and I just love having them around me. I do think I can be a great ass mom someday LOL

 Beautiful decoration and selection of theme colors that represents girl and boy, so we opt with soft peach and brown. I just loveeee the cute and simple result of the presentation and yes, the owner also in charge with engagement ceremony, nikah and sanding bla bla bla with people concerned when it comes to wedding budget. Thumbs up!

All beautiful ladies represents as 'Marhaban clan'  recites all goodness for le babies. Since this is part of Islam tradition, it is an honorable act for every family welcoming new members in family and hope for the best for the beautiful children to grow and spread goodness to society, to Al-Mighty and to one self :)

My beautiful babies. I'm sticking with the nicknames I gave to them because its more memorable for them to remember their most favorite, cool and fun Mama Meem :)

Thanks za for beautiful pic with Iris LOL

Thank you to all my friends that come that day to see my babies, I owe you guys a lot and I can't wait to celebrate mine when times arrive, in future #Doayangbaikbaik 


Some of my IIUM babes, I love you guys!

My love. In shaa ALLAH, soon #Doakanyangbaikbaik 

And finally, le pic of mine for OOTD, all deets already reveal on my IG, check it out!

To Iris and Pail,

Mama Meem love you two extremely much and I will do whatever heck that I can to make sure you guys always happy and love me extremely much, more that your upcoming first love and I can't wait to share more our life adventures together. Remember that every success come with lil struggles and pain, and I really don't wanna you guys to suffer difficulties, but that's life. PLEASE CHOOSE YOUR DECISION WISELY. yes, everyone can make mistakes and learn from it, but try not to make mistakes because I know you two are amazing and very talented. Always remember the person who love you most and the person you love most in every prayer, day and night. And yes, while I writing this, at 1.45 AM, 19 FEB 2017, I'm in really mengantuk phase LOL I hope you guys can read this soon, I love you. Mama Meem always love both of you. Muah!

Lots of love,
Mama Meem a.k.a Miss A :)