August 21, 2019

Flatlay Tea Party X Butterfly Project

Hello loves, Assalamualaikum, happy Wednesday!

   This weekend gonna be so amazing and full with beauty content feeds for my social media account (I really couldn’t wait for it!) and yes, counting days for Jeju trips as well! When I scroll down some amazing attraction spots in Jeju, I feel more excited and I wanna take those pictures in beautiful, honest and simply raw. I know taking pictures is like, part of beauty blogger/vlogger do (I mean, duh) but do you know, some of pictures also need to be taken nicely and attracts people too? Y’know, don’t cha? LOL

    As one of small, very minor beauty content creator (LOL, am I?) taking amazing photos is a must because these photo represents how good and amazing skills you got even without directly know you’re actually a pretty talented photographer for your social feeds. I know I haven’t got or buy fancy camera and most of the times I use my Iphone X as my main tools to take picture, but having a nice and decent phone also helps you to get an amazing shot too! I know I take photo during the event can be lil bit crowded and not great angle but having trouble taking decent picture for blog and Instagram? Hell naww!
so, I’m gonna fix and improve my skill, and thus, here I am with other selected butterflies attending a very cute, intimate sesh flatlay partea fully organized by The Butterfly Project on last month, the event held in Delectable By Su and yes, OMGGG all the sweet treats are really yummy yum yum yummehh!

   During the flatlay partea, we got an opportunity to meet the one and only amazing flatlay teacher and to my surprise, I met her previously in makeup workshop conducted by EH! Malaysia. She such a sweetheart and her name is Miss Azrin, the owner of From The Top, willingly brought all her flatlays decoration for the partea and the flatlays sesh begun!

  Before we got the opportunity to try by ourselves snapping some amazing shot (I mean, all the props lookin’ so cute, I DIE lah weh tengok) all of us are given some slideshow/instructions-on-how to take basic flatlay pictures. The rules are pretty simple, make sure you guys prepare and check before doin’ flatlay:

1) Think of your ‘thing’ – Your main star of the product. Take it for example, you wanna promote Makeup, and your main item is an eyeshadow palette. Make sure you enhance that products more compared to other decorations surroundin’ the eyeshadow. Easy peasy right?

2)Lay down your background. Make sure the background is clean, sleek and doesn’t contain messy or vibrant pattern. It will definitely spoil the effect of the pictures that you gonna snap.

3) Pop your props. Back to number 1 situation. The eyeshadow is the main product you wanna show to everyone, thus the props must be relevance towards the product, it will be silly if you wanna promote eyeshadow but your prop is not related with makeup, thus couldn’t complement all together in photo. Make sure to categorized your props properly and trust me, the picture will look better.

4) Change and arrange! This part is next crucial things before snap photo because, sometime, we as viewer also hate messy, unprepared, blur photo on social medias and kinda irritates when things doesn’t look neat. Making changes are good, but make sure Arrange it to proper one. Same goes to photo, stick with ‘less is more’ motto and we’re good to go!

5)  Dating with the ‘handsome’ lighting.OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG this is crucial things ever when it comes to flatlays, selfies, we-fies, photogroup bla bla bla and all! Make sure to always find a good lighting exposure to get better photo. Oh, did you know, You can always opt with reflector board to help ease down the unnecessary shadows behind your product? I don’t know about that, so now I tell you! LOL

6) Keeping it neutral and simple. DUHH, of course.

7) Have buttloads of fun! Well, we sure are!

    We got two fun activities to try, firstly the Flatlays Lesson Demonstration and secondly, the best and funny part, The team trial lesson! We also got tea break every sesh to indulge ourselves with cakes, cookies, chocolate drinks provided by Delectable By Su. Some of my edited photos during first trial with lil help from Miss Azrin, other beautiful butterflies and of course, the beautiful flowers arrangement from Avant Garde Blooms. So beautiful *wink wink*

    My Favorite part will definitely during second one, where I team up with Betty and Cheryl editin’ out our photos and our color is really beautiful tho, mixed of Pale pink and Tiffany. We also got to know how to edit photos using VCSO Cam Apps and Snapseed Apps. I usually didn’t edit much of my photos since I only use brightness/contrast editing tools in Instagram, having and install these Apps really fun! But too bad, we lost the game LOL but it’s was good effort! Kudos to all butterflies who decorate, takin’ picture in 90’s degree angle (OMG, why you guys so talented and I’m here like big fat potato, don’t know what the hell I’m doin’ with my life T_T) and beautiful colors too!






   I know I’m still learning, but I’m really glad that I got the opportunity to try out the flatlays picture and I really need to step up my photography-insta worthy skill so then my pictures will look good! UHUK pray for me please!


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P/S: I snap raw pictures from other butterflies group and I edited myself using snapseed Apps.Check'em out on my INSTAGRAM