June 25, 2020

Nudrop Collection X Holika Holika Malaysia

Hello darlings! Assalamualaikum everyone :)

I know right, I'm on roll todaiiii to update new stuff on my bloggie. I actually, currently more focus on creating cute videos and I usually use my SocMeds platforms especially INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK PAGE/PERSONAL, that's why, well you kinda need to know why I'mma bit slow to update my blog. But I try my best to find time to show here once a month, or twice..or thrice LOL but if you missing my content, you can always welcome to follow my others platform and see latest update about product review/makeup review/food recommendation/lifestyle of moi. 

I know, that this collection dropped around Early of year 2020( in Malaysia, I'm not sure with others tho), and being slowpoke as moi, Now I just got time to try out Nudrop Collection, special and exclusive by HOLIKA HOLIKA

If you're into K-Beauty and prefer simple, yet enhancing your natural skin, you probably, I mean everyone knows that most of Koreans prefer these kind of makeup look and they love cute design too! Welp, I think I'm also a sucker for cute products, that's why I managed to grab couple of cute stuff from Nudrop Collection. 

Nudrop Collection by HOLIKA HOLIKA literally perfect for everyone, regardless your skin tones because peach, warm vibes are so in right now and always remained classic when it comes to summer mood! I love the simple packaging of the eye shadows that I got which are code 06 and 07. Besides that, another major fav of mine from Nudrop Collection is the Lumi Cheeks, which is cream kind of blush that perfect for everyone to try on. I super love cream blush or any cream products for makeup because it is so comfortable and easy to blend compared to powder. I usually wear my liquid lip matte as base for my cheeks to create rosy-glowy blush skin, so that's why, any kind of blush cream is approved by moi! LOL

I also got Magic Inside Liquid shadow by HOLIKA HOLIKA, but the problem is, I kinda forgot the code (clumsy me) that's why as you can see here, the sparkles reflects gold (upper), whereas another one rose gold (bottom). I did got myself 3 of 'em but I forgot (again) where da hell I put that, so here goes, only two shades. But, the liquid shadows is not part of Nudrop collection, so I think it's okay to voice out about that. Next is the Dewy Liquid lipstick where I got code 01,02,03. More details of shades and swatches in video below!

Personal opinion:

1. I love Lumi Cheeks, and I wish I can get all shades but I has code 01 and 03 in my possession. I believe this cream blush is perfect for everyday use and not to mention, the small compact is convenient to slide into your makeup bag. Really worth it! but please keep in cool area as it will melt due to creamy texture. (duh, it's cream blush)

2. The eye shadow palette is for everyday usage, you can always mix and match using these babies to get that peachy look. The packaging is neat and also good for beginners/newbie who wanna jumps into makeup beauty world!

3. Dewy stick lipstick is kinda cute, nothing fancy for me, at least. I can get tonnes of nudes/orange lipsticks from other brands too. But overall, the texture quite light,but I'm having trouble to roll the lipstick out because the tip can be messy and cannot push inwards back. So, yeah.. LOL

I did some eye makeup look using two palette, wanna see it?

LOL, I look cute, NGL :P

If you wanna try Nudrop Collection, you can always go to GUARDIAN Malaysia stores and if you wanna shops online, Please go with HERMO, SHOPPEE & LAZADA Malaysia official stores. Some of deals are really worth to buy! 

Till then, babies! Cheers!