May 11, 2022

Faery Beauty X Hydraglo Lip Tint Serum

 Hello loves, Assalamualaikum!

    WOWWWW, How's your Hurry Raya gang gang? Al-Hamdulillah, this year Raya kinda hectic but also funny at same time because when they announce Eid celebration is literally early 1 day advanced, everyone panic because lots of preparation need to do, lol so do I, but overall Eid this year is kinda okay 

     Since this year I'm celebrating Eid at my husbaby side, I kinda need to minimize my makeup since it's lot easier and also I'm in village nearby Kuala Klawang (Jelebu) N9, So I'm just focusing and grab any easy makeup that I can brought there, one of 'em is this cute, K-Beauty inspired lip tint serum but holy shit, it's Malaysian made! I'm so happy when I managed to grab all collections from Faery Beauty because I genuinely curious to try out the lip tint. Plus, guysss the colors so pretty! totally wearable for everyday use and just simply amazing.

Presenting, my Eid Lips look by Faery Beauty!

    There are 5 colors available since Tyha (the founder) just recently add new color in the collection. I personally bought all, the names of the shades also kinda cute;

From top to Bottom.

-Soft Necturines- the latest shade, slightly darker pink-soft pink orangish combo

-Coral Peach (nude peach orange, definitely a grab!)

-Bloody Chocolate- The most intense one, but still wearable if you tone the color with only one swipe and mixed with concealer.

-Berries Fig (Subtle pink, My absolute fav!)

-Dark Jujube- The second darkest shade from the collection, but simply beautiful! this color are usually Korean favorite, along side with BF in my opinion lol

    The packaging itself really simple and direct, you just open it and bammm you can put on your lips. Really hydrating, the color at first on lips follow the color shade, but gradually it will leave pink stains after you\re done eating, so don't worry, you can re-apply again! 

    You can actually purchase it via WEBSITE, SHOPPEE or Tiktok shop, just search FAERY BEAUTY and you're good to go. Each shades comes in 3.5ML, with soft doe foot applicator so then you can control the amount to put on your lips. You can go ahead to my INSTAGRAM Page and see my latest Reel to see the swatches of each color, but I gotta say, you'll definitely will buy all colors because all of 'em so pretty! Get them now!


Aimiiiiibaby :)