August 27, 2016

Alpha Girlfriend X SONY Malaysia

Assalamualaikum, hey peeps!

Okay, just a lil reminder that this entry is one of my favorite event that I've been besides Urban Decay event (CLICK HERE) Basically, as a blogger, snapping lots of good shot require skills that need to be enhanced and sharpen to improve your picture condition. I mean, being a blogger is easy peasy, but the content of entry and pictures give big impact to readers whether they want to continue read or otherwise. I also read some blogs that the content is creative and informative, but the background kinda boring, oh I also detect some blogs that upload tonnes of picture but in very not good angle. Or maybe, I can be one of those poor blogger too T.T So, yeah I' just went through all over without finish reading it even it is from my blog LOL

Damn, the freaking gold balloon alphabet 'S' being so bitch to me that day -.- It keeps on twirling around and not cooperate compared to other alphabet. Nevertheless, the thing is not living thing, why I should bother with this? FML

Well, in order to help me to get better pictures for my feeds on Instagram and blog, I attend a photography gathering/workshop called 'Alpha Girlfriend' collaborate with SONY Malaysia. The event highlight all the their objectives that day and also introducing some of SONY cameras to public from beginner until expert type of cameras. Follow me guys!

When I went to the registration table, I noticed that this event mainly attend by chinese. Like, a lot of chinese I barely even find one of my kind there LOL but fret not, I did make friend with some of these beautiful ladies and surprisingly, they are very nice with me. Oh, I just love meet new people even though I can be quite shy sometimes. Double LOL

During registration session, the person in charge greet us warmly and we need to wrote down our email, blog link, name and etc. In exchange of giving choices of camera we want, we need to give our driving license card. Very clever move *wink*

The favorite thing I love most during the event is acquiring this baby   

Yes, it is pink Alpha 5000 SONY camera, ladies! I really excited when I got the opportunity to explore the camera thoroughly and I managed to discover new features and cool apps inside it especially for beauty effect and perfect selfie. There are 3 colors available which are pink, black and white but since I'm following the theme for that event/workshop, I opted with pink.   

Beautiful, isn't it? When I do some research about this camera, this is a good camera for beginner/noob like me since I'm not a huge fan of bringing camera for any event because face it, what's the function of smartphone if they are not for capturing moments and piccas, right? But after I went through whole day with the event, I'm really interested to buy this baby in future. Well, maybe not now but yeah, later   

Goodies bag distribution twimeee! Inside each bag consist of free pink baby-Tee, voucher for SONY camera, Book of latest SONY gadgets and this!

Free whole 16gb memory card, baby! and it is all yours LOL I just wanna come clean that during posting the pictures of SONY Alpha 5000 camera on Instagram, my friend got confused whether I got the camera for free when attending the event. HOW I WISH THAT COME TRUE :') 

But it is not, my darling. All of the participant only got the free memory card, not the camera. Damn it! Sorry for any inconvenience occurs, I got really excited until I don't know what da heck I'm replying to my friends comment FML

During that day, all the participants including me being divided into three groups because there are 3 main activities to do for this event, which are Cupcake decoration & Shooting, Food Photography and Selfie/Beauty session. Personally, I love all of it. Plus, all the refreshments provide are really delicious and lotsaaa cakes. I mean, all small cupcakes are delicious and so friggin' cute. 

Oh, the event/workshop is specific to only females. So, boys are not allowed although our MC mostly are dude. But I think, it is great that this only for girls because I can act freely as I can without feel shy to communicate with people, plus all girls are all about pretty and selfies and yeah, guys don't. Some of guys, not entirely all. Get the facts right, bitches LOL

Thank you, SONY Malaysia!

For first session, I got to dress all kimonos and Hanbok traditional garments from Japan and Korea. This session is all about perfect beauty and selfie. The camera include the apps that help to enhanced our skin tones, brightness, contrast and many more, so then all these can be apply during our outdoor photography session.

Since the hanbok I wore that day is really thick, plus the unpleasant hot weather, I decided to change to my regular outfit and voila, snap selfies time using my phone with courtesy from Salmah, the blogger/beauty vlogger from US to help me get the pictures I want during first session. How cool is that!

The camera claims to get all perfect videos and shots that looks like a pro. Oh, I wish I can show you guys the real pictures using the camera because all the pictures are stored inside memory card.

This session is my favorite because we are able to decorate our cupcakes as we please. Each person in my group (since I'mma white ribbon tribe) are been given 2 vanilla cupcakes and vanilla pink and cream icing. So, wanna see my progress in doing cupcake decoration? LOL

First attempt in making rose petal using pink icing. 

Yes, you guess it right. Second cupcake decoration almost finish. Wanna see the end result?

This session emphasize on great angle and brightness of taking foods picture. Some of the pictures we take can be disturbed or become not perfect due to shadows, bad position, lighting and adjustment of related foods with surroundings.  The MC in charge that day help us to get the perfect photos for any occasion by using Alpha 5000 SONY Camera and it turns out pretty good. 

Last session is inside Aether Cafe. This one basically cover all the amazing apps inside the camera such as white balance, focus and flash. Each function have their own specialty, so if you guys plan on buying this camera, you can always check rough guidance from SONY Malaysia website. 

Overall, I'm having major fun attend the event/workshop and I got to met with new people. So, if you guys searching for new gadget for blogging purpose or maybe other occasions, I totally recommend Alpha 5000 SONY. Thank you for the amazing opportunity SONY Malaysia   


P/S: Yes, I'm thinking to buy this after I'm settling with my lappy. All the photos I took that day using Iphone and the camera itself. I will update next event, soon!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

August 26, 2016

Product review: Tony Moly BCDation cushion + & Tony tint Delight

Assalamualaikum, hello beautiful people!

Yes, I'm referring to you LOL

So like, I got less than week now to finish my internship and In shaa ALLAH, will be graduating soon  My aims after finish internship, I'm planning to stay home for while before strive back to real job world because I happen to received lots of invitation to attend exclusive product launching and running events, so yeah the schedule pretty hectic. 

Yes, le me with using today product review! Basically, if you guys happen to read my previous entries, I always mention about my latest favorite cushion that I bought from Korea. Actually, I bought tonnes of different products that have mixtures of eyeliner, hand cream, perfumes, lip tints and beauty cushion/ CC Cushion. Like, really  a lot, I'm not kidding about it LOL so, among all those cushion I grabbed, one of it is from Tony Moly products. I'm not a big fan of Tony Moly but their BCDation cushion + is really good deal for your face. EVAAA!

So, here is the first Korea makeup haul which is from Tony Moly. I am amazed with the exclusive look for the cushion because it's very simple and feel mysterious to try when I heard about the cushion. And on top of it, I'm wondering what is BCDation stands for too. Why not covering the A as well? or maybe the cushion name might be too long LOL

Every cushions that I bought from Korea is complete with free refill and sponge, so Tony Moly also include this kind of habits. The price when I bought this around KRW20000 I'm not really sure because my mum is my ATM goddess. I just take whatever I want and voila, everything already settle with just one swipe from golden card. Thanks mum!

The cushion help everyone to get silky and smooth complexion everytime you wear this cushion. It is also able to reduce oil control and all shades available in 3 choices,

1. Vanilla beige
2. Skin beige (I got this one in small tube for free when I bought 2 compact cushions from the stores)
3. Warm beige (The one I buy)

To be honest, all three colors are very bright even though the cushion offer from very light to dark skin tone. That is why, even I'm wearing shades No.3, I still look really white and radiant. Maybe Pomegranate, ginseng and tea seeds help to enhance my face to achieve all glowy and radiant look. But I really love it. 

Can you imagine this is shade 3? But it's not dark at all when apply to my face, so don't worry guys, this baby is suitable for all skin type. My suggestion will be that, if your skin type is very Malay-ish skin tone, choose No 3. If you have fair and pinkish face appearance, No 2 will be a good choice. So far, No 2 and No 3 have no problem for me to blend all over my face. So, I think both are good for my skin tone. 

Next, I would love to review another lip tint collections from Tony Moly!

These lip tints previously known as Cat Chu wink tint before it change their name and transforms to cute love packaging. Personally, I love before and after bottle designs because I used to bought Cat chu tint and the colors is really good. But now, I managed to have 3 shades of them. How cool is that!

Swatches twimmee! From above until third row: Cherry Pink, Red Apple, Orange Cha Cha. I love three of of them, but my favors definitely Cherry Pink and Orange Cha Cha. I'm sucker for the two colors because it makes my skin looks young and have scent of Korean look even I'm not a Korean. But yeah, whatever. 

The colors after been wipe for first time. The stains took almost 4-5 hours to completely fade before you can re-apply it. When I'm wearing lip tint, I can wear fully lips or gradient styles depends on the occasions I attend. So, here the after look of wearing my two favorites!

Cherry Pink. Auwww 

Orange Cha Cha 

I believe that not everyone managed to pull off orange lipstick or lip tint but boy, I think I kinda nailed it! You can always buy these babies for your Korea collection via website or physical stores/outlets provided. The prices considered as very cheap and affordable. However, sometimes I don't think the stock is available on the spot, so I suggest you guys to go to these websites to get them!


P/S: I know, sloppy entry because I'm too sleepy LOL I will update about events I go this week. Sta tuned!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

August 22, 2016

Brush and Card talk

Assalamualaikum, hello loves!

Al-Hamdulillah, basically I already finish final draft for my practical training report and tomorrow I kinda have an appointment with my madam. I'm taking two time off for this coming Wednesday and Thursday because I just can't miss three upcoming exclusive events. I mean, come on! I wanna go, I wanna go, I wannaaaa goooo  *cute and sparkly eyes detected*

So, as you guys know, I'm slowly turn myself into makeup junkie and GOD why I started that feeling?? Because yeah, now I got almost 4 and half makeup bag and two out of those magical bag is only for makeup brush. Yes, now I'm training myself to use professional makeup technique using professional tools. I mean, mehh not that really high standard and mighty brand tools but more on affordable and useful for beginner/makeup noobie like me LOL

How cute is my makeup brush collection  Actually, I don't really know how to use brushes like most of beauty vlogger and MUA on youtube because I love Korean look. I mean, Korean does not even have wild, bold and heavy makeup like westerns do especially when it comes to contouring,shading and highlighting. I am totally suck with that plus I love to look fair and radiant/glow face compared to well structured, sexy look. 

But heck with that, I'm gonna sharpen my makeup skills starting this year. Well, I kinda love makeup so why I'm only focusing on half part when we can acquire and explore more deep about other dimension right? 

Such an eye feast! Not to mention the beautiful pink colors, Urghhh so melting! Oh, don't you guys worry because it is not only provided for pink lover, but they also got monochrome vibe. Yes, black and white, babydolls! All the brushes are super soft and use 100% synthetic and not from animal origin. So, in order not to mixed of having too much pinkiness LOL I opt with white 10-set kabuki brush for next pic.

I love that fan-look kinda brush. And I still noob how people using it but I'm pretty sure it is good for cheek application. Oh wait, I did mention about kabuki. Scroll down for more!

Don't you just love the softy brush with beautiful colors that suits almost every womens interest 

I am still learning to use most of brushes, please be patient I am not a pro. LOL but I will update how I use my makeup brush for every event I go after this. I hope I get better everyday. 

Soooo, when you have brushes, you kinda need their other complimentary tools, right? 

This is brush hanging rack and it comes with wooden stand and I also got beads for brush container too. I think it is very helpful when it comes to cleaning your brushes every weekend if you are heavy makeup girl, but fret not I hope I don't qualify myself to enter into that category after accidentally I'm buying lotsaa makeup phase. LOL 

I clean my makeup brush using any mild body wash or dettol to give protection against acne. Besides using brush, I also got beauty magic sponge and puff too where I got from ALTHEA.  But I'm gonna talk about that later. 

So, when I got invitation to attend blogger event, I decided to finally creating my own blog card. I mean, everyone must have at least one of it. It is like a representative from yourself and blog. 

Yeayy, my own blog card  the person in charge doing my blog card is actually quite new company and they provide lots of graphic and illustration for banner,signs, advertisement. Plus, I only pay for two boxes and got FREE another box with below that RM50. Cool right!

Yes, I know you guys wanna know where I got these stuff. Click on link below for their Instagram and contact no 

Makeup Brush: CS MAKEUP
Blog card: JOHARI SAHLAN ( 0122476704) 

I will update more about my makeup haul. I will, just give me time okay LOL

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

August 16, 2016

BMS Organics & Sugar free Mooncake event

Assalamualaikum, hi babydolls!

So like, my report is really the most important thing to do now since I need to submit it for end result of internship and boy I gotta say, the journey is pretty rough. I mean, yeah doing internship is really a bittersweet experience and I will always cherish that. I think I'm gonna miss ICCE. Yeah, I'm gonna miss my easy going supervisors, the ambiance of the work environment, and definitely missing my time browsing around a lotsaaa stuff and events. Oh yeah, mentioning about event, I did attend this beautiful event under BMS Organics last saturday and I feel great going there by myself. I mean, hello I drive my RexyWing alone to Cheras Leisure Mall. Well, a lil bit help from GPS but yeah whatever LOL

That day, I went into Noobie Harajuku style makeup look eventhough I don't think I pull it off that great. Actually, I was really excited to rave about next entry that majorly talk about the makeup brand from Korea that I bought during last April/May. So guys, stay tuned! I mean, hey you kinda need to read this first!

I went to Cheras Leisure Mall because I got an invitation to taste their Organic and Sugar free Moncake Autumn by BMS Organics. Frankly speak, I used to taste Mooncake before but that one is so rich and very sweet. But this new mooncake, is definitely taste really good and at same time, maintaining your health as well.


I think the decoration here are really cute and simple event. Actually, I came quite late that day but I managed to get to refreshment and interview session from the person in charge in filming some bloggers that attend that day. OMG I'm nervous af and I still thinking what I'm mumbling that day LOL

After finish with registration, I got goodies bag consists of 2 free mooncakes, organic soymilk, organic chocolate wafer and voucher worth RM10 with their brochure and not to forget, with scented candle too.

BMS Organics introduced six choices of organic sugar free mooncakes including three unique flavors: Pink Lady 10 Grain Beetroot, Bamboo Charcoal Black Sesame and Green Balance Matcha Red Bean; whereas other three classic flavors: Pure Lotus, Pure Lotus with Yolk and Mixed Nuts Delight.

So, you guys wanna check out their main dish for that day? scroll down!

Oh, before that you guys need to know what is Mid-Autumn Mooncake Festival? well, it is basically a harvest festival celebrated by Chinese that is closely tied to gathering, thanksgiving and praying. Mooncakes—the must eat Mid-Autumn treat! Typically, a mooncakes contains high sugar and fats. It is not suitable for people with high blood pressure and diabetes.

    So, due to that BMS Organics introducing 6 choices of sugar free mooncakes that are freshly made from the finest ingredients which will give you a hint of intensity and a delightful texture!

1. Pink Lady 10 Grain Beetroot (Sugar Free) 

great for replenishing blood for women. The combination of oat milk and lotus seed paste fillings, coupled with the natural coloring of outer layer that sourced from beetroot juice. This natural and pinkish gem will surely be your ticket to happiness.

2. Bamboo Charcoal Black Sesame (Sugar Free)

Aroma-rich black sesame is packed with calcium, vitamins and trace minerals. Its black outer layer is craftily made from bamboo charcoal. Greater taste and healthier digestive system are no longer a dream!

3. Green Balance Matcha Red Bean (Sugar Free) totally my favorite 

The healthy aromas of green tea and wheat grass are value even more. The perfect combination of green and red colors, whereby the red beans offers gentle sweetness and smoothness to the palate, while the natural green tea powder made up the exterior. This nutritious blend is widely known to aid in body detoxification.

4. Pure Lotus with Yolk (Sugar Free) 

The salted aromatic egg yolk fused splendidly with a classic sweet pure lotus seed paste makes this mooncakes taste even superior.

5. Pure Lotus (Sugar Free)

Uses only the best quality ingredients such as high-quality lotus seeds that bring you the best blend of healthy and great taste.

6. Mixed Nuts Delight
Rich in fiber and healthy fatty acids. This exquisite flavor will surely linger in your mouth and is a must pick mooncakes for those who desire a traditional taste.

Yeahh, I kinda missed out taking the last one oops T.T but the size and colors are basically looks like number 5. So I think it's not really big deal. But whatever it is, I tasted all of them and gotta say the new flavor, which is number 3 is definitely put me in very happy mood while eating it. Yeayyy!

 Starting from August 1, 2016,everyone can purchase publicly these organic sugar free mooncakes at any BMS Organics Outlets. 4-piece lantern mooncake gift box is priced at RM107.60, while the 2-piece mooncake and organic green tea gift set is priced at RM63.

Everyone have their own favorites, and so do I. I definitely recommend the green balance Matcha Red bean if you guys are green tea lover! I love the smell and also the taste reminds me a lot with Matcha ice cream from Sushi King. LOL

For any BMS Organics member, here are surprise for you!

** BMS Organics member or credit card holder of either Citibank, Public Bank or AEON member, you are entitled to:

1. RM10 BMS Organics Vegetarian Café cash voucher with every purchase of a 4-piece mooncake lantern gift box, and 20% discount for the second box.

2. RM5 BMS Organics Vegetarian Café cash voucher with every purchase of a 2-piece mooncake gift box, and 20% discount for the second box.

If you couldn’t buy it at BMS Organics outlet or you would like to send a mooncake gift set to home, purchase it online. BMS Organics will send it to your doorstep (Free delivery only applicable for West Malaysia).

**Insert the promo code “BMSO2UMC” to get 10% rebate.

For more information, please log on to on their website.


Lots of love,
Miss A :)