October 9, 2014

Bang Bang Bangles!

Assalamualaikum, Hi there!

Like usual, when I open my dashboard, home, main page *whatever they call* Entry related with TABITA will always popped up and being the most frequent entry visited. So guys, if you wanna check out how I used to wear TABITA as my skincare, click link down here.


Okay, as a girl, as a hijabi's baby fashionista who wear shawls to cover my precious hair, I'm pretty sure that people gonna think that the girls who wear hijab have limited accessories to put on themselves compared to free-hair girls. AM I BLOODY RIGHT? It is quite true actually since we're hijabi's, we are forbidden to wear excessive accessories that might attract opposite gender attention. However, as the world of fashion evolved, a lot of accessories such as earrings, necklace,flower hairband, pearls, beauty small pins and bangles play important roles towards hijabi's appearance. So that's why, all the accessories nowadays designed for hijabi's are practically small and decent look and at the same time, it can match together with their outfit 

To be honest, I'm not good in beautifying my daily look since I'm more focus on my face with makeup. Well, light makeup I'm talking about :3 But, I feel like my day out to go for exclusive events, family outing, girls day out ♥ will be bored without my cute bangles! So yeah, I collected most of my bangles around the world such as UK, Aussie, Paris, Medina and Sarawak to match it up with my look of the day. I'm sure that bangles are much convenient to wear compared to necklace because face it, necklace may stuck at our shawls and make it look kinda messy, same goes to the earrings too! LOLOLOL

These are some of my new born babies too LOLOLOL my favorite bangle is on top, right side which is cost approximately rm60++ I'm not saying I'm being bias among other bangles, but that one is da bomb 

I'm a loyal believer when it comes to "less is better" words because when we dress up simple and plain colors, These little piece of "makeup hand" appear more bold, edgy and complete our look. For me, bangle shows attitude and can make total change of someone appearance. I don't mind with any kind of type *gold, plastic, metallic, strings, zipper style* as long as it bangles, I'm on it. 

Directly snap from front camera Galaxy Note 3. Love it! Yeah, this is the bangle I love the most *dah kenapa lighting muka gelap, lighting tangan cerah zzz*

So tell me, who said Hijabi's can't rock with lil bling bling accessories? *angkat kening* till then, lovelies!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)