October 3, 2014

Beauty review: AVON Color magic lipstick

Assalamualaikum, Hi loves!

WOWWW, lama sangat dah I tak buat beauty review which is, I know most of it my fault sebab sometimes I kena perah idea nak snap pic + bukak lappy + tulis entry + publish entry blah blah blah all that and turn out I'm more excited opening my Facebook main games rather than my blog errrrr K

So here! I wanna share with you guys this cute yet very girlish product by AVON. When we are talking about AVON, of course you will immediately think, OMG OMG Fazura! *if I'm not mistaken, Fazura is being the most appear ambassador for AVON right :3* Hahh, sama je kita dengan awak awak. Kita masa tengok AVON terus teringat Fazura. I just love her natural beauty and she's a fashion icon  therefore, jeng jeng! I pun try this product and first time I tengok, I memang fell for their packaging 

Is it natural to love pink? Ahahah so here, there are three types of AVON Color magic lipsticks and I love them all! 

From left to right: Snow pink, Mango yellow and Shiny silver  Gahhh, their colors captivate my eyes and they're saying 'try me, try me!' repeatedly.

Personally, my favorite are Yellow mango and Shiny silver   

What so magical about these lipsticks? the colors gradually change depends on your body temperature either are they in cool or hot mood. To be frank, I'm not into these kind of magic lipsticks because I love lipsticks based on matte type. But sometimes, I feel like I wanna try to do something different and that's why I want to apply these babies on my lips. The colors stay well up to 6-7 hours in one application and give moisturize effects for your lips. I'm sorry I didn't do any swatches, but I can briefly tell you guys the colors after it being applied on my hand *which conclude that I did do the swatches, I just don't have time to snap pics to upload in my lappy* 

Snow pink: pink. very rosy pink.
Shiny silver: slightly fade pink, compared to SP.
Yellow mango: Orang-ish fade red. 

I don't know whether these cutie lipsticks are famous and used by many girls out there or maybe I'm the one yang still noob when it comes to AVON product -.- *my bad* but whatever it is, I think you guys can get it at any toko-toko jamu or AVON distributors since the price is reasonable to get it. RM6.90 for each Perfectly cheap for students!

Rating: 4.5/5 Totally recommended.

P/S: Esok balik kampung weh! yeay

Lots of love,
Miss A :)