October 23, 2014

Chocolate Galore ♥

Assalamualaikum, Hi loves!

Okay guysssssss, I'm dying to update my new entry tonight because I can't wait to share my experience visiting this amazing yet very sweet palace called 'Salon Du Chocolat' located at Publika :3 

    Last week I visited this so called Chocolate Heaven Palace sent by God due to exquisite and lovely chocolate taste and I also read some reviews that their chocolates are wayyy better than Dip N dip. I'm not so sure about comparison made by some people based on their taste buds and their experiences because I haven't got the chance to eat at DnD yet but since this is the first time I eat at Salon Du Chocolat, I'm enchanted with the foods and I ate it until the plate goes shined LOLOLOL

There are varies types of desserts inside here such as fruits, crepes, brownies, krispy rice, molten cake, ice cream and etc. However, regardless what kind of dessert they serve, chocolates will always be the most important elements. The basic colors of chocolates used are white chocolate, dark chocolates and milk chocolates.

That day, Adam ordered a three layer pancakes fill with chocolates and vanilla ice cream for the side dish. Definitely worth the penny because this is delish!

Whereas, Ekin ordered Rice krispy. Personal review, I like this one the most because I love the crunchiness when I'm eating it and you can feel that you're eating cereals with lotsa chocolates. Yumms 

Oh yeah 

I ordered this for myself, Waffle stick with chocolates melt on top.

Too much chocolates we ate during our dinner that day until we can't afford to walk back to UIA LOLOLOL

Don't you just love it :3

For today, we go and eat here again due to our chocolates craving and I ordered Chocolates crepes. I love that they serve it during the crepes are still warm. Not to forget, Ekin and Adam also requested the All-Time-Favorite menu which is Brownies crepes. But I forgot to take the pic of their foods since they already take a bite LOLOLOL


The prices are quite affordable and much cheaper compared to DnD *based on what people are saying* so I think that I need to go and have a bite at DnD before I can give my honest opinion on both. If you wanna find place to chill with friends or searching new cafe that mainly serves chocolates, this is a perfect place to go. Whatever it is,Salon Du Chocolat definitely leading the way here :3 

Find them here, people!

Facebook: Salon Du Chocolat
Website: Salon Du Chocolat

P/S: I will update more food place to go. Stay tuned dolls!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)