October 12, 2014

Fashland! 2. LOL

Assalamualaikum and hey loves!

If you guys ever read my blog, like almost the beginning of most of my entries, I'm always include what I'm doing before I even write my blog. So like yeah, like always I'm often open my Facebook to play the game and my favorite among others is definitely one and only FASHLAND 

CLICK HERE to read my entry related with my experiences playing FASHLAND. However, I wrote that entry in Malay. Maybe only common readers can read it whereas other readers around the world will have some difficulties to read. My apology *sigh*

I'm glad that until now I stick to play FASHLAND regardless how old I am. Hey, I'm still young *saying 22 Y.O. in sparkling eyes* If I ever giving up my journey in opening Fashion house, I will never taste the feelings of satisfactions seeing and delivering my products, oh did I mention, I make some renovations too compared to my first attempt? :3

Babydoll's House Fashion 

As you can see, Babydoll's House Fashion have been upgraded from level amateur to intermediate. I can't say that I reach high level since I'm still learning about fashion LOLOL Check out some cute stuff I put in my Fashion house such as Lipsy Kissy couch in each side of Business magazine rack, Haute Couture statue near my Dreamy land door  oh oh, I put Flower bike to make the Fashion house looks feminine. I also did some changes for my fitting rooms and my paycheck table. Both are constructed and well build with Palatial design.

GAMEGOS  add on new outfits for every style of fashion. These are some of the newest collections. Right now, Shasha *my doll name* is wearing Retro style. I just love those polka dot headband. Cutie pie much 

Another gorgeous garments. I decided to go for Fantasy look with my 'Sequin strapless dress' *OMGOMGOMG* 

Never start a day with bad shoes. You have to find the perfect shoes because face it, you gonna run and walk around with your feet. Sure we gonna pick the comfortable and beautiful shoes. Some of the new shoes I unlocked using my keys by voting appropriate looks and completing task.

Another shoes collections in my wardrobe *jaw dropping* I love rock and roll boots. Just too freaking awesome!

With a slight touch of necklace, You gonna look cute! Here are new pieces of my accessories collections too 

You sure don't wanna miss these when you go out!

Newest collections thanks to GAMEGOS! I chose 'Magical glitter purse' because it looks Goldie and me Likey LOLOLOL

I love clutches, Hey check out my apple clutch for evening looks! Oh yeah, Old money clutch for Bridal look too and the fluffy Monster clutch for Haute couture? DOPE!

From Frizzy to Braids! I put her some new eye shadows and also GAMEGOS updated the choices of the lips color too!

Uuuu ♥ sexy and bold! Another interesting part is, for the cheeks baby!

Dark Blush are perfect for Gothic, Rock and Roll, Avant Garde and Evening look *based on my opinions* as long as you know how to mix and match, you gonna get the fabulous result. Just don't be a makeup victim okay *grins*

Overall, I'm really happy with the progression of this game and I don't wanna miss a single things or changes when it comes to FASHLAND. Keep up with the good work, GAMEGOS

Oh, for people who wanna be my neighbors to collect more hearts, do PM me on my FACEBOOK PAGE. See you soon, loves!

CLICK HERE for my first entry related with FASHLAND. Sorry for the big pictures for this entry. I couldn't help it LOLOL

Lots of love,
Miss A :)